Emma Lynch

Sarah Matsumoto, a photography teacher at BHS, works at a desk in her classroom. Now that in-person school is an option, Wednesday classes have been made mandatory for students not attending in person.

Students Should Not Be Forced to Attend Wednesday Class


Wednesdays are notorious for being full of exhaustion: motivation from Monday is long gone, and the weekend is nowhere in sight. However, with the asynchronous Wednesday schedule that Berkeley High School implemented before May, the so-called hump day provided a short break from the chaos of the week.

BHS Administration Must Improve Communication on Hybrid Learning


The pandemic has exacerbated issues of transparency at Berkeley High School, and the communication surrounding the hybrid learning plan illustrates this problem.

College Readiness Majorly Impacted by COVID-19, Community Must Support Upperclassmen


In a normal year, the transition from high school to college is anything but easy. Amidst a global pandemic and distance learning, previous challenges are exacerbated, and new problems are constantly arising.

WSU President Ava Nemeth (top left), Vice President Neva Zamil (bottom right), Lindsey Chou (bottom left), and Maize Cline (top right) have advocated to change BHS curriculum to incorporate more female perspectives.

Women at BHS Continue the Fight for Representation in Curriculum


“Women have done a lot to enact change at Berkeley High, and that’s something that deserves more recognition,” said Lindsey Chou, a junior in Berkeley International High School and the treasurer of the Women’s Student Union.

La Rambla, Barcelona, where tourists and locals alike crowd the scenic street. In Spain, foreign language classes start in kindergarten.

Foreign Language Classes Suffer From Lack of Focus and Real World Connection


Americans are notoriously bad at learning foreign languages, with less than thirty percent of the US population being multilingual. Although two to three years of foreign language are recommended for college eligibility, every student that graduates from Berkeley High School is only required to take one year of a foreign language.  Having been placed

Rosa Parks kindergarten teacher Lynda Arnold lets her students guide discussions about touchy subjects.

Extremism in the Classroom: How Do You Teach a 6-Year-Old About Trump?


In the wake of the capital insurrection, Cragmont Elementary School teacher Jill Moniz gave her students space to discuss the realities of political extremism and, more importantly, how we can move forward and unite as a country.

Local Official Spotlight: Vasudeo Talks COVID-19 and Inclusion


“My top goal is to help our students and teachers recover from this pandemic,” said Berkeley Unified School District Board Director Ana Vasudeo. Despite the uncertainties and inequities created by COVID-19, Berkeley High School continues to strive for inclusion, a platform for student activism, as well as a supportive environment for its diverse

BHS Students Must Speak Out In School Board Meetings


In February 2020, dozens of Berkeley High School students spoke out in school board meetings to protest the administration’s mismanagement of rape and sexual assult allegations, as well as the lack of consent education and resources for survivors.

Stay Home for the Holidays; Prioritize Safety by Celebrating Virtually


The nostalgic scent of home-cooked meals, a mug of apple cider warming your fingers, and the laughter of friends and family used to signal the arrival of the holidays.

'Kill All Men' Response: Bold Statement Brings Awareness to the Oppression of the Patriarchy


The hyperbole “Kill All Men” is a verbal manifestation of deep-rooted distrust in the power structure that puts rapists in our courts and gender roles in our homes.


For Homelessness, Preventing Climate Change, and Mental Health, Berkeley Needs Aidan Hill as Mayor


Young people are the ones leading the fight for political reform. From the students who refused to obey segregation laws in Greensboro in 1960, to the thousands of children who walked out of school to demand gun reform in 2018, social and political progress has always been driven by youth.

The murder took place at this house on the 1100 block of Glen Avenue, surprising the residents of the quiet neighborhood.

Murder in the Berkeley Hills


Just after 4:00 PM on Saturday, September 24, a neighborhood in the North Berkeley Hills was disrupted by the sound of fatal gunshots. After being alerted by local residents, police found a man dead outside a home on the 1100 block of Glen Avenue, just north of the Berkeley Rose Garden.

Trash bags lie at canyon in the Berkeley Hills, where Milo Moses has been working to collect litter.

BHS Student Initiates Berkeley Hills Trash Cleanup Project


The many prominent issues relevant to today’s world can make it overwhelming to decide who and how to help. But Berkeley High School junior Milo Moses proved that starting a project and putting in effort can make creating change completely achievable.

Berkeley School Board Discusses COVID-19 Updates


On Wednesday, September 3, the Berkeley School Board met to review policies, guidelines, and proposals designed to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education in Berkeley Unified School District.

International Responses to #BlackLivesMatter


Zimbabwe August 4, 2020 – With political reform at the forefront of public consciousness, people have taken to social media to condemn recent persecution, kidnappings, and beatings of Zimbabwean civil rights activists.