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Hygiene product drives are an easy way for community members to give back.

Women’s Student Union hosts hygiene product drive for shelter


Berkeley High School’s Women’s Student Union began hosting a hygiene drive for the Dorothy Day House on Monday, Nov. 13, 2023 and that is continuing up until Friday, Dec.

Stack of books with a tiny person on top and a person with a sign with "Phonics" on it to the left of the stack of books

BUSD maintains use of the Lucy Calkins reading curriculum 


In 2017, families of students with dyslexia, sued Berkeley Unified School District. The federal class action lawsuit was filed stating that BUSD failed to provide legally required accommodations to students struggling with reading.

An illustration including an American flag, a bronze fist, a rose, and two palms facing upwards.

Task force begins working on financial reparations within BUSD


The Berkeley Unified School District Reparations Task Force, announced by Superintendent Enikia Ford Morthel in March of 2023, is dedicated to exploring and enacting policies that support descendants of formerly enslaved people connected to BUSD.

Elliot Gerst, October Hertenstien, Zoe Wrubel, James, and Rory Dainelson promote AGES

AGES Club provides students free gender-affirming clothing


Berkeley High’s Alliance for Gender Expansive Students started a free gender-affirming clothing program towards the end of last school year. AGES is a student-run club dedicated to making a safe space for transgender and gender-nonconforming students.  According to club leaders, their goal is to improve the school environment and raise awareness around LGBTQ+ issues.