Josephine Morasky




Class of 2025

Josephine Morasky is an athlete, musician, journalist, and Berkeley High student. They play on the BHS Woman's varsity soccer team and are best known for their work on the BHS Jacket.

Students sitting on the theater steps listening to speakers talk.

BHS students sit-in in protest of the mistreatment of Black students and teachers within BUSD


At the beginning of second period on Friday, May 3, 2024, approximately 150 students gathered on the senior steps in protest of the mistreatment of Black students and educators at Berkeley High School.  The sit-in was organized by two seniors: Ebony Elebeck and Raniiya Nolen.


BHS gun safety: An ongoing issue that must be addressed


On Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023, two guns were found in separate Berkeley High School students’ backpacks. “The response was pretty swift and comprehensive,” said Enikia Ford Morthel, Berkeley Unified School District’s superintendent.

Student puts phone in pocket within a BHS classroom

BHS teachers unify against the use of phones within classrooms


In the third year of full in person learning, Berkeley High School teachers have continued to adjust and adapt their classroom practices. Walking into class on Wednesday, a larger proportion of the student body saw the classroom phenomenon phone holders.

Trump handcuffed with money labelled hush in his hands.

BHS reflects on the implications of President Trump's indictment


On Tuesday, March 30th after former president, Donald Trump, was arrested in New York, he became the first former president ever indicted with federal crimes.

Martin wrote the book with her father.

‘Freedom! The Black Panther Party’ authors present at library


On March 2, the writers of the novel “Freedom! The story of the Black Panther Party,”  Jetta Grace Martin and her father, Waldo E. Martin, presented at the Berkeley High School library.

A pill bottle

Teachers at BHS grapple with rising healthcare costs


Healthcare insurance costs increase yearly, and are expected to rise by 3.5 percent for Berkeley Unified School District teachers next year, according to Mollie Blustein, a teacher at Cragmont Elementary School and Berkeley High School graduate, who spoke at a recent school board meeting.

Proposal Approved for Paid Student Advocate Position in Title IX Office


On May 23, Berkeley Schools Excellence Program approved a proposal for a paid student advocate, a new position in the Berkeley Unified School District Title IX office for the 2022-23 school year.

Four Years In: Evaluating the Universal Ninth Grade’s Successes and Limitations


In 2015, Tamara Friedman and Glenn Wolkenfeld, then-professional development coordinators at Berkeley High School, decided that BHS needed to change.  An achievement gap persisted along racial lines, and students who could have been helped were falling through the cracks.

A group of BHS students pose in a C-Building hallway without wearing masks.

District Lifts Mask Mandate as COVID-19 Spread Decreases


Over two years ago, on March 12, 2020, California announced an official lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the mask mandate for California has come to a partial end.

Rioka Hayama

Berkeley Community Reacts to Incident of Anti-Semitic Flyers


North Berkeley families were the latest targets of the Goyim Defense League, a hate group run out of Petaluma, California. On the morning of Sunday, February 20, hundreds of North Berkeley residents awoke to find plastic baggies carrying anti-Semitic flyers containing messages blaming Jewish people for COVID-19.

Students walk past a sign directing mask usage

How is Berkeley High Responding to the Omicron Variant Surge?


In the past few weeks, over 300 students attending Berkeley High School tested positive for COVID-19, due largely to the surge of the Omicron variant and increased rapid testing in Berkeley Unified School District.

Mythological Elements in Films and Books Risk Brainwashing


Over the past decade, the entertainment industry has seen an incredible increase in contemporary versions of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse mythology.

Media Offers a Unique Opportunity to Tell Addiction Stories


Since 1999, roughly 841,000 people have died from drug overdoses. Over 4,700 teens alone died in 2019 from a drug overdose, and the numbers continue to rise.

Teenage Attention Spans: Where Did They Go?


The ability to focus on one thing for extended periods of time is deteriorating amongst teens, and this is undeniably connected to the culture of endlessly swiping through Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

‘Dune’ Part One: Was It Worth the Wait?


Dune. The famously unfilmable and unattainable book, now conquered by the director Denis Villeneuve. While movies like Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music were in production, Frank Herbert was developing a novel about a world dependent on psychedelic drugs and a war fueled by climate change.

Arbitrary Bathroom Pass Policy Must End


Bathroom breaks are notoriously used as an excuse to skip class or go on one’s phone, but restricting students’ access to bathrooms has unintended consequences for menstruating students.

Berkeley High bathrooms are missing soap dispensers due to Devious Licks. trend.

Devious Licks Trend Creates Burden for Janitors at BHS


TikTok has been an outlet for many teens during the pandemic. Various trends and challenges have passed through TikTok, each with its unique twist, though recently reaching new extremes.