Julia Brimmer




Class of 2025

Julia Brimmer is a Berkeley High student, avid dancer, artist, and proponent of climate action! She writes for the BHS Jacket, dances at Shawl-Anderson, and co-founded her own for-climate organization in the Summer of 2022, futuresonfire.com.

Person sitting in front of a computer editing a video.

BHS first Beyond the Cut Film Fest makes a cinematic splash


On Wednesday, May 3, teachers Amanda Marini and Philip Halpern stepped out onto the Little Theater’s stage to introduce Berkeley High School’s first ever Beyond the Cut Film Festival.  The films shown were produced by students over the course of this year, in classes like Art of Video Production, Advanced Studio Editing, and both years

A woman celebrity being called a diva, juxtaposed with a man celebrity being praised.

Divas: The double standard female celebrities experience


Humans have fawned over celebrities and the outlandish things they do for centuries. The celebrity lifestyle has become a fantasy for everyday people, so why is anyone surprised when female celebrities make unreasonable demands to uplift themselves?

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Online activism must incite engagement, not just reposts


On Monday, 13 March, 2023, the Biden-Harris Administration approved the Willow Project, an oil drilling initiative on Alaska’s North Slope that left people all over the globe angry, confused, and concerned.

Student Studies on laptop, surrounded by work.

March's endless grind: How to manage it


Nothing happens in March. Though home to Women’s History Month, St. Patricks Day, and the National Latin exam, the thing that makes March secretly unique is the fact that there are zero non-weekend days off throughout the month, leaving Berkeley High School students endlessly wandering the halls for five-day weeks and yearning for the weekends.

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Electives are crucial for student growth


Cambridge Dictionary defines the word “elective” as “a subject that someone chooses to study, in addition to the subjects that they have to study.” Berkeley High School has offered elective courses for years, and as long as schools continue to give students the freedom to select certain classes, students will

A looming parking garage

BUSD’s staff parking garage proposal should be re-evaluated


In November of 2020, Berkeley Unified School District announced its plans to construct a triple-story staff parking garage, topped with a Berkeley High School tennis court.

Berkeley Tech

Berkeley Technology Academy deserves awareness, resources


Berkeley Technology Academy is one of Berkeley’s lesser-known options for high school education. It offers public school students a curriculum in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, Career and Technical Education, Project Based Learning, and the opportunity to recover credit.

The vegetable buffet

Vegan school lunch effectively reduces BHS's carbon footprint


When one walks into most modern-day restaurants, they can expect to find food options that suit their dietary needs. Everyone is entitled to a meal, regardless of whether or not they eat meat, even though select privileged groups are often the only ones with access to vegetarian and vegan food options.

Theo Lemkin, Kate Wallan, Miguel Huhndorf-Lima, Holden Elias, Ty Walthall, and Kaleb Wagner pose in costume.

BHS students navigate shift in Halloween norms


“When I was younger, I’d go trick or treating with my family,” said Lilly Cobb, a sophomore at Berkeley High School, describing her unconventional Halloweens from years past.

Walter Mitchell: The M gate’s friendly face


Berkeley High School Safety Officer Walter Mitchell, has served BHS for over two decades, and has been involved in the Berkeley Unified School District community his entire life.