Kaiya Jordan


News Editor


Class of 2024

Kaiya Jordan is a filmmaker, journalist, and Berkeley High School student. She has worked as a writer and editor on the BHS Jacket. She’s also known for her work on local short films, documentaries, and music videos.

Analisa Appleyard, BIHS junior

What was your relationship like with social media over the summer?


BHS junior Analisa Appleyard had a generally positive relationship with social media this summer, “I think was pretty good! It was cool seeing everybody’s trips and where they went, and it was really fun to see everybody doing fun things.”  “I wasn’t really active over social media during the summer.

Bouquets, candles, and written messages for the late BHS students fill the gallery space in the C-Building.

Students and community in mourning after recent shooting


On Saturday, October 2, two Berkeley High School students were shot and killed at a party in North Oakland. The BHS community held a memorial at Longfellow Middle School on Monday night.

Student collects an at-home COVID-19 rapid test at BHS front office.

New COVID-19 Policies: Optional masking and at-home testing


As Berkeley High School gears up for the 2022-2023 school year, the administration prepares to control the spread of COVID-19, given the high rates of transmission.  “What we know from the district, that sets out a COVID safety plan for all of our sites, is that we’re trying our best to go back to

Meet Enikia Ford Morthel: Berkeley’s New Superintendent


The district’s superintendent of three years, Brent Stephens, announced he was leaving Berkeley Unified School District this spring. Since then, the search for a successor led to one finalist, Enikia Ford Morthel, the deputy superintendent of instruction in the San Francisco school district.

‘Doesn’t Solve the Problem:’ Bissell’s Credentials Revoked


In February of 2021, Matthew Bissell, a former chemistry teacher at Berkeley High School, quietly resigned after signing a separation agreement with Superintendent Brent Stephens.

Muffin Club leaders Silas Freeling, Max Huneeus, and Ben Lempkin (left to right) handed out muffins for the second time on 3/15.

BHS Students Distribute Thousands
of Muffins for International Muffin Day


“It’s lighthearted and fun to have a day where you randomly bring muffins,” said Berkeley High School student Benjamin Lemkin. “I know that if I was walking around and somebody [offered] me a muffin, it would brighten my day.

Anja Ball

BHS Plans to Support Students Using COVID-19 Relief Money


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the educational challenges it brought, the state of California has given school districts relief money to use as they choose.

In-class COVID-19 tests are administered to students twice weekly by volunteers.

New Policy Offers Students Two Weekly COVID-19 Tests in Class


Starting on January 26, Berkeley High School recently implemented an optional COVID-19 surveillance testing plan that aims to test all 3,100 students twice per week.  According to Principal Juan Raygoza, over the first four days of the testing schedule, BHS administered 3,809 rapid tests and identified 22 positive cases.