Kali Proud




Class of 2026

Kali Proud is a choir kid, journalist, Aikido martial artist, and Berkeley High student, as well as a sleep enthusiast. She is best known for her work on the BHS Jacket, her various school music performances, and a few edgy fantasy stories she shares with her close friends.

A woman embodying the male gaze with eyes staring at her.

Women must find empowerment free of male gaze


The male gaze has objectified and sexualized women throughout history. The media consistently sets expectations about how women are meant to look and act, which ingrains these ideas into society.

The earth in an hour glass

Grappling with irreversible climate change


Climate change could become irreversible as soon as 2030. The United Nations estimates that drought alone could displace 700 million people by then. In order to avoid permanent climate effects, countries will have to decrease global emissions by 43 percent before 2030.  But few countries have taken significant enough steps towards reaching this goal,

A student looking at online materials

Student dependence on internet  research limits  academic abilities


Part of Berkeley High School’s mission statement is to teach students to think critically, creatively, and analytically. In order to achieve that goal, students must be taught more research strategies than automatically opening a computer.

A Building makes long-awaited return to BHS


In the summer of 2020, Berkeley High School started major renovations on the A Building. The entire process was estimated to last around two years, with intentions of improving seismic safety, accessibility, and classroom space.

Students discussing a bakesale

Students reflect on community service opportunities at BHS


Berkeley High School has a wide variety of clubs, with a total of 115 listed on their website as of Oct. 28. There are 14 different club categories listed on the website as well, the third largest being service-oriented clubs with 18 registered clubs.

Manny Lane-Scott performs an original stand up comedy routine at BHS talent show.

BHS Talent Show features live music, comedy, and a fire alarm


On Friday November 4, Berkeley High School students gathered in the Little Theater to watch the BHS Talent Show. The show consisted of mostly musical performers, and one stand up comedian.

Teachers receive limited grants for classroom supplies

Teachers at BHS cannot afford to provide classroom supplies


Teachers’ wages have been an ongoing issue across the United States, and in Berkeley, many argue that people playing such a central part in our community deserve to be paid more fairly.