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BUSD parent Mara Kolesas, a leader of the movement to reopen Berkeley schools.

Differing Opinions Abound Within Opposite Sides of Reopening Controversy


After months of back and forth, the Berkeley Unified School District announced it had reached a tentative agreement with the Berkeley Federation of Teachers for a hybrid reopening of all schools, grades K-12, on February 17.

The Alameda, a neighborhood at the base of the Berkeley Hills. Berkeley’s neighborhoods have been economically and racially segregated as a result of zoning policies.

Eliminating Single-Family Zoning Signifies Progress Towards a Fairer City


Mason-McDuffie was a real estate and development company responsible for building some of the most iconic Berkeley neighborhoods, including Elmwood Park.

Some protestors are concerned that building housing on People

Building Housing in People’s Park Will Honor Berkeley's Legacy


From its very creation, when student activists took the park in defiance of Republican Governor Ronald Regan, the history of People’s Park has been inseparable from the counterculture era.

Joe Biden Must Unify by Prioritizing Bold Action


Joe Biden was one of the most boring presidential candidates in my lifetime. This may have been his greatest strength as a politician. As the US was plunged into four crises, voters longed for times to be dull again.

How Has Satire Shaped the Trump Era?


George Bush — aside from his gig as president — was perhaps best known for putting his foot in his mouth. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice … you can’t get fooled again,” Bush once said, trying to recall the common adage.

New EP ‘Omakase’ by Lil Ricefield Lacks Promised Originality


Recent Oakland Technical High School graduate Nathaniel Oda, also known as lil ricefield, burst onto the music scene in 2018 with hit single “Trapanese.” The song racked up over 15 million plays on Spotify alone and landed him a verified spot on Genius.

The Comedic Genius in ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ Offsets Its Contribution to Political Polarization


At a gathering with supporters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a popular progressive congressional representative, was confronted by a right-wing troll who suggested that in order to slow the growing threat of climate change, people should start eating babies.

BUSD Announces Plan to Reopen Elementary Schools


On October 1, Berkeley Unified School District Superintendent Brent Stephens issued a statement notifying families that the district is developing a plan for a “phased reopening” of elementary schools.  After daily COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 were reported to be decreasing in Berkeley, the Alameda County Public Health Department released an order

A houseless man sits at the I-80 exit on Gilman Street armed with a face mask and a positive sign.

Unhoused People Face Unique Problems During COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19, while infiltrating all communities, has hit the most vulnerable populations the hardest. Unhoused people are no exception, as many shelters and services they rely on are operating at a lesser capacity or have closed altogether.

The campus of Oakland

Distance Learning Reveals Disparities Between Public and Private Schools


On March 13, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order effectively closing schools for in-person learning across the state. A scramble for educational institutions to transition to online learning ensued on an unprecedented scale.