Lucy Hohn



Members of the crochet club begin a project.

Crochet Club Spolight


“It’s teaching people the skill that they can use and take away whatever they want from it, but mainly just the ability to do it and having something that they can do with their hands,” said Aleka Vavloukis, who runs the crochet club here at Berkeley High School.

A BHS runner takes advantage of the snacks provided.

Accessible BHS food replenishes runners


Recently, a new program has begun inside the Berkeley High School cross country locker rooms. This is a program committed to helping runners with underfueling before, but mostly after, meets and practices.

Israel Carrero, the first flag football coach

Coach Carrero tackles flag football


Israel Carrero is the coach of the first flag football team at Berkeley High School. Playing football throughout high school at Livermore High School, he recently got into flag football and has been playing for the past five years.