Luisa Bertolli


Sports Editor


Class of 2023

Luisa Bertolli is a Berkeley High student and sports editor on the BHS Jacket. When she isn’t covering sports events, she is participating in club and high school soccer herself. She also enjoys cooking, biking, and outdoor adventures.

The Two Brothers

Student Athlete Profile: Jackson and Jalen Harris


Brothers Jackson and Jalen Harris have been star players this season on the football field. While being brothers who play together isn’t always easy, they say that the whole team is very connected.

An illustration of a group of football players, on a green field

Fall sports review


Football To gear up for the fall season, Berkeley High School alumni and former football player, Coach David Perry, has newly joined the BHS coaching staff and has been prepping the football team since June 12.

Preseason Training Sets Fall 2021 Sports Season Into Motion


As the various scholastic endeavors of the year approached, fall sports at Berkeley High School began before the school year’s start. Water Polo – The girls and boys water polo teams took a plunge into the fall season, the boys team coming off of a West Alameda County Conference championship.

Sports World Uses Its Influence For Change After Chauvin Verdict


On Tuesday, April 20, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted by a jury on all three charges against him for the murder of George Floyd.

In order to enter Oracle Park, home to the San Francisco Giants, fans must provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

A’s and Giants Fans Return to Stadiums After More Than a Year


After 18 months of empty stands, fans were welcomed back into the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants’ stadiums on Thursday, April 1, and Friday, April 9, respectively.

The Mo Ostin Basketball Center at the University of California, Los Angeles, is home to some of the women and men affected by the discrepancies in athletic resources.

NCAA Under Fire for Unequal Tournament Conditions


Outrage ensued as the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament kicked off on March 18. Multiple videos and images surfaced highlighting major discrepancies between the training facilities provided for male and female basketball players at the tournament.

Led by Tali Bojdak-Yates, a group of BHS track and cross country athletes run in the 1600 meter race. To prevent contact between competing schools, the March 17 meet was adjusted so the teams ran in their own heat.

Track and Cross Country Return to Competition


The COVID-19 pandemic, needless to say, has had a large impact on sporting events at Berkeley High School. Fortunately, sports teams are slowly progressing into competition, one example of this being the BHS track and cross country team.

Male Dominance Proves to Be Root of the Wage Gap in Athletics


The wage gap between male and female athletes continues to hinder women in their field of play and frustrate the masses of sports fans across the country.

Black Representation in NFL Coaching and Managing Is Scarce


The National Football League has created well paved roads for white coaches and management to advance while opportunities for Black management are slim.

The approach taken in coaching student athletes sets the tone for both the team environment and mental health of players.

Mental Health of Student Athletes Depends on Positive Coaching


The importance of the mental and emotional aspects of participating in team sports can easily be overlooked. In a highly competitive environment, the combination of pressure placed on oneself, in addition to external pressure from coaches and teammates, can be detrimental to the athlete’s mental health.

Gil Gvishi, captain of the BHS water polo team, has committed to the University of the Pacific as a new recruit for their D1 team.

Athlete Profile: Recruited Athletes


Gil Gvishi Gil Gvishi, a senior in Berkeley International High School and captain of the Berkeley High School boys varsity water polo team, grew up submerged in the world of water polo.

BHS Needs Membership Verification for Club Involvement to Ensure Authentic Participation


As the dark and anxiety-provoking college application process looms before us, students begin to scramble for extracurriculars to exhibit their outstanding qualities to dream colleges.

ASB Leadership Lacks Valuable Small School Representation


Small Learning Communities are an integral component in maintaining the diverse range of educational opportunities offered to students at Berkeley High School.

Playgrounds were recently closed to combat the surge of COVID-19. Above, the vacated Cedar Rose Park playground.

The US Should Adopt a Circuit Breaker Lockdown System to Combat the COVID-19 Crisis


With the recent election of Joe Biden and the surging number of COVID-19 cases across the country, the idea of a six to eight week complete shutdown has been tossed around as a possible response.

A front yard in Marin is adorned with themed decorations in celebration of Halloween.

Halloween Must Be Altered To Maintain Safety


Like almost all events in 2020, and to the dismay of eager trick-or-treaters, Halloween has presented itself as a serious health concern this year. Riddled with candy-seeking children, jack o’lanterns, and elaborate costumes, the fate of the highly anticipated celebration is uncertain.

Celebrity Artist Profile: Yalitza Aparicio


Yalitza Aparicio rose to worldwide fame when, as an unknown, she was cast in the lead role of the 2018 highly acclaimed film, Roma. Born and raised in the small agricultural town of Tlaxiaco, Mexico, Aparicio has been able to venture far beyond the expectations placed on her as an indigenous Oaxacan woman and the

The Real Paris Hilton and Her Contributions to Pop Culture


Paris Hilton revolutionized the social media and “influencing” world, initiating the now pertinent social realities where the consumption of media among younger generations abounds.

The 2020 VMAs Go Virtual and Lack Musical Diversity


Hosted by Keke Palmer, the 2020 Video Music Awards were a strange and unusual sight this year. Because of the pandemic, the show went virtual and many of the routine music video award events were altered.