Marina Pellerin




Class of 2024

Marina Pellerin enjoys writing, drawing, painting, reading, watching movies and TV shows, and engaging in lots of crafty activities such as journaling and scrapbooking. She is on the girls' swim team.

African Diaspora Comes Alive


Berkeley High School’s African Diaspora dance program — previously known as Afro Haitian — performed their last show of the year on May 5, 6, 12, and 13.

Fostered and Adopted Youth Need Better Media Representation


Stories that portray the lives of orphans and adopted children are infamous. Some examples include Annie and the Harry Potter series. For adopted students at Berkeley High School, media representation of these experiences has done more damage than good.

BHS Students Shed Light on Pinterest: What Is the Appeal?


Pinterest is a social media platform used to share pictures and ideas, called Pins. People tend to save compilations of similar Pins in different boards.

Labels Help Find Community


Whether regarding sexuality, gender identity, political stance, or even zodiac sign, members of society constantly labels themselves. These labels can be validating: some people go years without knowing who they are, and once they find something with which they can relate, it can be both scary and a relief.