Metztli Olague Guerrero



A Brazillian Soccer Player

Soccer rooted in Latin culture 


Natalia Quezada Hernandez, a senior at Berkeley High School, has played soccer since eight years old, and it has surrounded her since.  Upon its arrival to Latin America in the late 1800s, soccer became a sport that brings families together and influences children growing up in Latin households.  Being a Latina soccer player, Quezada Hernandez

BHS goalie Lior Schifrin reaches towards the airborne ball in the September 13th game.

Boys’ varsity waterpolo defeat shows lack of team chemistry


Correction: This article has been edited to remove inaccurate quotes, in light of information that has now been verified.  On Tuesday, September 13, the Berkeley High School varsity men’s water polo team dove back into the water with a game against BHS rivals, Bishop O’Dowd High School.  The Jackets held the lead throughout the first

Two teams face off on the BHS football field

Football home opener excites


The Berkeley High School Yellowjackets went up against the Miramonte Matadors on Friday, August 26. Per the game’s blackout theme, students arrived dressed in all black to show their Yellowjacket pride.  BHS played an amazing first two quarters with “stout defense and explosive offense,” according to head coach David Perry.