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Class of 2025

Miriam Reichenberg is co-executive producer of The Buzz, The Jacket Podcast. She enjoys storytelling through writing, audio, photography, and film. She gets some of her best material from eavesdropping. Miriam received a 2022 National Medal from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in poetry.

AAPI name pronounciation is often neglected by teachers.

Importance of AAPI Name Pronunciation


We’ve all experienced that awkward moment in class, especially at the beginning of the school year, when a teacher fumbles over a name during roll call.

A students looks at a heavily-edited photograph of an influencer on Instagram.

BHS Students Must Examine
Social Media More Critically


When it comes to social media literacy, Berkeley High School’s ninth grade Ethnic Studies and Social Living curriculum barely scratches the surface, only broadly covering topics such as cyberbullying and social media’s effects on the brain.

Prom Exclusion Policy Is Discriminatory


After nearly two years without any community-building events, Berkeley High School will finally host a long-awaited prom, to be held at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria on March 19.

Absent Students Need Support


Talk to a few Berkeley High School students who have had to quarantine because of a positive COVID-19 test, and they’ll each have a different response as to how they’ve kept up with their classwork while out of school.

A box of COVID-19 rapid tests

Students Need At-Home Rapid Tests to Fight COVID-19 Surge


Since Berkeley High School’s return from winter break, there have been more empty desks and missing teachers. This is no surprise, given that COVID-19 case counts across the country are surging due to the highly transmissible Omicron variant.

BHS parent volunteer Patricia Duignan monitors the girls bathroom in the G-Building.

Why Are Volunteers Sitting Outside Student Bathrooms?


Recently, students at Berkeley High School may have noticed adults outside many of the bathrooms on campus. These adults are parent volunteers, who, after receiving repeated reports of vaping and other unwanted behaviors taking place in bathrooms, decided to take action.

On the Other Hand: Inside the Left-Handed Experience at BHS


Here are some things lefties deal with regularly: metal rings digging into their skin as they write in spiral-bound notebooks, ink smearing all over their hands while taking notes, and strained backs from hunching over desks with no arm support.

Which Teachers Make the Grade? Students Share Best Qualities


Spend time on any high school campus and you’re bound to hear students talk about which teachers are good and which ones they would rather avoid.  “A good teacher makes a good class,” said Talia Antell-Proulx, a junior in Communication, Arts, and Sciences.

The Shawl-Anderson Dance Center is one studio that is attempting to combat the dance world’s exclusive body standards.

Berkeley Studios Combat Toxic Body Standards in Dance World


“Everybody in the dance world knows what a dancer looks like,” said April Taylor, a dance educator at the Shawl-Anderson Dance Center located in the Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley.

Delta Variant Complicates Concert Going


Berkeley High School ninth grader Zoe Glass pushed her way through the crowds at an outdoor Jonas Brothers concert on Friday, August 27. With her mask on and an intention to keep distanced from others, she said she took precautions to ensure she was safe and felt comfortable.