Muhammad Delgado



Clubs sold cultural foods for students to enjoy.

Clubs, classes at BHS show out for annual Multicultural Week


On January 26 and 27, Berkeley High School students, dressed in traditional clothing representing their backgrounds, assembled around the campus green to celebrate Multicultural Week.

Morgan-Cartland wears these necklaces to honor their grandmother.

White-passing students battle unique privileges, difficulties


Berkeley High School sophomore Fae Cantero Sandler was born and raised in Mexico. But for her, a lot of people tend to jump to the conclusion that she’s fully white.

A graphic of various heritage months

Unsung heritage months require advocacy


Throughout the year various months are dedicated to the heritage and culture of historically marginalized peoples. November is Native American Heritage Month as well as Sikh Awareness Month.

Pixies band: Back again with Doggerel


Pixies made a long-lasting impact on the alternative music scene in their early days, with albums like “Surfer Rosa” famously inspiring Kurt Cobain, PJ Harvey, Thom Yorke, and so many others.