Ochi Grace

BabyTron spreads problematic messages


BabyTron recently came out with a new album on Jan. 13, entitled, “Bin Reaper 3: New Testament.” The project marks BabyTron’s progression forward within his music career.

Black women in music face uphill battle


The music industry, like most professional fields, does not give equal opportunities for success, and disproportionately places expectations onto Black women.

Touring cycle drains performing artists


Booking concert tickets to watch a musician perform is not always as fun for the artist as it is for the audience. Performing live in front of thousands of people can be physically and mentally taxing.  Not only can tours be straining for the main performing artists, but also for anyone within the traveling crew.

Vintage tech, like record players, is at the forefront of recent trends.

Modern trends emphasize sustainability using old technology


In recent years, a revitalization of old technology from the early 2000s and even as early as the 1980s made a rampant return among today’s youth. Previously deemed outdated technology such as flip phones, Walkmans, record players, and wired headphones are all making a visible comeback.

Sanam Rozycki-Shah

Drive-in movies cannot die out


On a Friday night in the 1930s, there was no better activity than enjoying a movie outdoors with family and friends for as cheap as only 25 cents per person.

Streetwear’s Rise in Popularity


Street style is one of the most popular fashion trends among youth, artists, and influencers today. American street style arose in the 80s and 90s, emerging from New York City and hip hop culture.

Combating Inaccuracies in Western Films


Western-themed movies and media have historically been displayed from a single perspective. The archetypal cowboy movie features white men, pistol showdowns, and southern accents.

‘King Richard:’ the Man With the Plan


When the topic of American tennis comes up, the names Venus and Serena Williams are often at the forefront of the discussion. They became well known during their teenage years, but who helped guide them through their journey to success?