Philippa Zlatev

When Has Online Privacy Crossed the Line?


Anonymous social media sites have become the new Instagram and Snapchat that have drawn the attention of audiences of all ages. Mainly during the pandemic, anonymous sites were commonly used to communicate with strangers through a platform that allowed new connections to be made in a private way that allowed them to release information about

Most restaurants in Berkeley close before nine p.m.

Berkeley nightlife needs a serious revamp


A night out in the city; perfume in the air and expectations of a fun time. But can a night out even be possible in Berkeley? Most restaurants and attractions in Berkeley close between eight and nine p.m., with the rare exception of ten p.m.

Is Homecoming Royalty an antiquated tradition?


PRO After a long-time absence of school-wide dances, Berkeley High School’s Homecoming dance will be held this year. On top of the school-wide surprise regarding the return of the beloved dance, many students find themselves deeply excited.

BIHS Teacher Mary McKee

Staff Appreciation Week Exposes Dissatisfaction of Teachers


From May 2 to May 6, Berkeley High School celebrated Staff Appreciation Week by holding a raffle for the staff of approximately 320. By the end of the week, the school was able to hand out 223 prizes, with four of them being, “grand prizes”.

Shafia Zaloom leads a small group consent education presentation in a BHS classroom.

BHS Begins New Classroom Consent Education Presentations


During the fall semester, Berkeley High School students attended consent education assemblies led by professional consent educator Shafia Zaloom. During the 58-minute assembly, students were provided information and definitions about the topic, so they could determine if a series of complex romantic situations were consensual.      Now, to build off of the assemblies, Zaloom is

In the controversial game of Assassin at BHS, teams can “kill” their targets by water gun attack.

Assassin Game Garners Mixed Reactions After Two Year Hiatus


After a two-year hiatus, Assassin has finally returned to Berkeley High School.  The game, which was designed by and for the seniors of BHS, officially began on Monday, January 31.

Mindfulness Mondays Provide a Much-Needed Break from Stress


Mindfulness Mondays: a session many teachers lead during class to give students the opportunity to relax, recharge, and clear their minds. The mindfulness program was developed by students in Berkeley International High School with the goal of benefiting teachers and students.

Honoring Latinx Culture Past Assemblies


Beginning on September 15, Latinx Heritage Month is a time to spotlight this wonderful heritage and all the important contributions Latinx people have made to the community.

Many Berkeley businesses mandate vaccination for entry.

Is the Vaccine Card Mandate for Indoor Businesses Effective or Unnecessary?


Following the wise lead of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Berkeley has taken the next step in keeping its residents safe from COVID-19.