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School board meeting: Speakers discuss the district’s goals


On Wednesday, Nov. 15, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board convened, during which the BUSD superintendent recognized Berkeley’s United Against Hate Week.

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Teachers combat the misrepresentation of  Thanksgiving’s history 


At Berkeley High School, as Thanksgiving approaches, history teachers grapple with how to go about teaching the authentic history of Thanksgiving and how to educate their students on the experiences of Indigenous peoples in general.

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Three must-watch indie horror movies to add to your list


LAKE MUNGO Filmed in a Documentary style, “Lake Mungo” starts with the death of a 16 year-old girl, Alice Palmer. As her family tries to come to terms with the loss and explain the eeriness that haunts their home, they begin to uncover dark truths about Alice’s life that she kept secret.

Lucia Rodriguez Gerstein presents one of her artworks.

Latinx artists at BHS use art to explore identity and expression


Yatxiri Campusano Huizar is a part of Berkeley High School’s community of writers. Her work expertly incorporates aspects of her culture alongside imagery and emotion that command change.

What was your first musical memory


Lily Lampach, a senior in Academic Choice, was reminded of her experience watching the musical “Frozen”. “Elsa and Anna singing about how they like to ‘let it go,’” she said, was particularly captivating at the time.