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Blind auditions vastly benefit musicians


Every year about 100 students audition to be in Berkeley High School’s prestigious Jazz Band. The BHS Jazz Band was founded in 1960 and has evolved into a full program of 5 bands each year ranging from Jazz 1 to the most experienced Jazz Ensemble.

Cheating in school: A nuanced issue?


Yes: Sabine Rosen EDITORS NOTE:  Neither Sabine Rosen nor the Jacket condone cheating.  In a survey of over 70,000 students, more than 95 percent of students admitted to cheating in school in some capacity.

Illustration of a podium with a trophy at the top, indicating the winner and valedictorian of the graduating class.

Valedictorian award causes anxiety and harm to students


Every year, over 25,000 valedictorians are named across the country. Being valedictorian is an honor typically awarded to the student with the highest GPA and the best class rank.

Teacher standing next to a blackboard with a medal drawn on it.

Teacher-nominated awards harm students


Academic awards are a sought-after praise that students may work hard to earn. Receiving an award, whether at a school, local, national, or international level is a great honor for any Berkeley High School student.

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BHS students must do their part to combat climate change


Climate change is an urgent issue, and Berkeley High School students must do their part. During the school day, it can be hard to think about the environment, but as young people, our generation will have to deal with the consequences of global warming later in life.

Many BHS students take AC Transit buses to school daily.

Students late due to public transit should not be marked tardy


It’s not easy to be in your seat at 8:30 a.m. sharp every morning when the bell rings. There’s a lot to do before school each day, and being marked tardy because your AC Transit bus or BART train ran late is never a good start to a day.

Teacher teaching their AP Latinx Class.

AP Latinx Studies would benefit students


Now that the College Board has created AP African American Studies, it’s time for them to launch AP Latinx Studies. In schools all over the country, students should be able to learn about many different types of literature and the histories of different peoples.   AP classes are managed by an organization called the College Board.

Young people's voices must be better represented in politics 


It’s hard for students to learn about critical national decisions being made while simultaneously knowing that youths’ voices are not  considered.

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BUSD to face additional budget cuts due to lower enrollment


During the April 26th school board meeting, board members discussed the Berkeley Unified School District school budget for next year and the years following.

Plane going to Taiwan

Taiwan trip provides Mandarin students cultural engagement


At 1 a.m., a plane took off from San Francisco International Airport. It was a direct flight to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, and carried over 50 Mandarin students at Berkeley High School along with parent chaperones and BHS Mandarin teacher Xin Chen.

Past BHS teachers run Classroom Matters


Former Berkeley teachers Lisa Miller and Tatiana Guerreiro Ramos together run Classroom Matters, a tutoring and mentoring program for K-12 graders in the Bay Area.

The history of BHS’s current Small Learning Communities


In 1985, the California Partnership Academies was started by the state, in part to support kids struggling in school. The academies were programs inside schools that students could participate in, and were focused on specific topics.  When the Berkeley High School vice principal at the time went to visit one of the CPA programs

BUSD School Board

School board candidates call for change in Berkeley schools


Norma Harrison is arguing for non-traditional school structures. Specifically, she is against separating kids by age or subject matter. She feels the current Berkeley Unified School District system is too focused on helping corporations.