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Class of 2024

Sage Feldman is a writer and musician at Berkeley High. They've worked with the Jacket and played in the BHS Jazz Band for their entire high school career. They've won awards for their poetry and academics.

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The friends we made along the way

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To Sage, from Mateo I joined the Jacket because I didn’t have to work with anyone. As most of you know, group projects can be… frustrating. I’m a writer, and I want to shape my own story, without a rubric or assignment sheet.  And then, this year, I became a section editor.

Dance production performing

'A Night at the Movies': The Dance Production Winter Showcase spotlights choreographic talent


Families, friends, and fans of dance gathered in the Little Theater on Dec. 9 and 10 to watch Berkeley High School’s 2023 Dance Production Winter Showcase.

Back to school stress can manifest itself as a shopping spree.

New year, new you: Fresh start at school


Summer provides a natural break between school years that can give students an opportunity to reinvent themselves; to bring a new self to a new grade.

Teachers personalize content, adapt to changing AP guidelines


As education science evolves and curricula shift, even Advanced Placement classes and their exams change. Redesigns of AP classes happen on a scale imperceptible to students, but for teachers who have to teach the same thing every year, a development in the College Board’s philosophy can shake up their classroom.

Illustration of a robotic hand writing with a pen on paper

BHS teachers rethink instruction amid rise in ChatGPT use


The current iteration of AI chatbot Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, GPT-4, has quickly developed into something difficult to ignore in everyday life.

Scissors cutting hair

Using she/they pronouns, students expand gender identity


Gender is a fundamental expression of individual identity, not just a spectrum but a plane that extends in multiple directions. With it comes societal baggage — expectations of behavior, pronouns, and other aspects of identity.

Dana Moran taught AAPI History beginning in 1997.

Teachers and students reflect on discontinued electives at BHS


Berkeley High School’s course offerings are constantly and subtly shifting; new classes spring up with much fanfare and older classes are quietly retired.

‘A definite boundary’: UC Berkeley and BHS relationship leaves room for growth


Berkeley High School and the University of California, Berkeley’s campuses are only two blocks away, each filled with large and changing student populations.

Luke De Valpine practices in a new soundproofed practice room.

Music teachers acclimate after moving back to the A Building


Sarah Cline, leader of Berkeley High School’s jazz program, was one of many teachers who made the move from their temporary holding spaces to the newly refurbished A Building.  “It was like one of those home makeover shows, when the family’s coming in two hours and everyone is blitzing to get ready,” Cline said.  The

Room for Improvement group auditions aspiring drama enthusiasts


The improvisational group Room for Improvement is reforming at Berkeley High School, a tradition that helps aspiring actors explore themselves as team members.  “[Members] are not necessarily the most experienced actors, but [are] the kids comfortable enough to listen…, to fail…, [to] say ‘yes,’” said Jordan Winer, an English teacher at BHS who  has

Best Places: Where to listen to live music


“Live music,” to Berkeley High School senior Ruby Thompson, “is a really incredible way to connect people based on shared interest.” Throughout the Bay Area, these gathering spaces in the form of restaurants, city parks, and traditional concert halls serve music with a side of community, art, and food.

Jazz trip to Cuba exposes students to a cultural take on the genre


At a recent concert, Jazz band Director Sarah Cline asked for parent support for the upcoming trip to Cuba. She recalled the contrast between the attitudes of host school Havana’s Escuela Nacional de Música, the National School of Arts, and Berkeley High School to woodwind reeds.

Bell redesign considers deeper learning


“59 percent of our students happy here,” said Yasmin Navarro, a college counselor at the College and Career Center, regarding a survey given to juniors.

Students can attend the student made exhibit during lunch.

CTE classes unite to build haunted house, escape room for students


In the courtyard attached to room G112, Berkeley High School’s mechatronics, sound design, art, carpentry, and CAD classes have come together in time for Halloween to create an interdisciplinary summative project: a combonation haunted house and escape room envisioned, built, and presented by students and staff alone.

People Protesting

Shift in Ethnic Studies teaching better represents Latinx culture


“People of all colors together united to fight for this department in San Francisco State and UC Berkeley, and later in high school,” said Menaka Gentle, Ethnic Studies teacher for Hive 6 of the Universial Ninth Grade.

After 40 Years, The Solano Stroll Continues Its Legacy of Supporting Local Businesses


After three years of pandemic-based hiatus, the Solano Stroll returned to the Bay Area on Sunday, September 11, bringing with it a day of entertainment and business.  “The Stroll started off as a sidewalk sale,” said Robert Abrams, a potter and one of the volunteer board members for the Solano Avenue Association.

Shattuck Cinemas in Downtown Berkeley

Efforts to increase housing pushes out downtown businesses


Twenty years ago, six movie theaters were within easy reach of downtown Berkeley-goers. With the closing of Shattuck Cinemas in late May, Regal UA, on the same street, is the last one remaining, and the 90-year-old Art Deco building is soon to leave as well.

‘Roe v. Wade’ Supreme Court Draft: BHS Students Respond


“It kind of felt like a slap in the face,” said Sam Matsumoto, a film photography teacher at Berkeley High School as she shared her opinion on the pending overturning of Roe v.