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Person showing their Nintendo switch and 3ds

Lack of equality in video games


The gaming industry has been around in some form since the end of the 1970s and has evolved greatly over the last 50 years or so. One of the biggest changes has been in gender participation.  The gaming industry has seen a rise in female gamers, reaching about 45 percent of gamers in the U.S.

Photo of Lane Imen holding a lacrosse stick.



The Berkeley High School girls varsity lacrosse team is led by senior Lane Imen. As captain, Imen expressed that “learning how to implement different leadership styles and interact with different types of people has really been one of the hardest things, but also one of the most beneficial things learned.” Imen said, “I take

A BHS student tackles a climbing route.

Climbing grows in popularity across BHS


Rock climbing has emerged as an increasingly popular sport in recent years, both outdoors and even more so indoors at climbing gyms. According to, by the end of 2020, there were 580 indoor climbing gyms in the U.S.

A person is in a lighting booth, smiling at a camera, giving a thumbs up.

Stage crew classes train critical skills, light up BHS productions


If you have witnessed a performing arts production at Berkeley High School, you have benefitted from the stage crew. Students involved in stage crew take care of the technical aspects of productions such as building sets, setting up, and running lighting and sound systems.

A person is holding up a book in one hand and a gaming controller in another. There are large question marks around the person

Preconceptions of books vs. video games


While both books and video games are common sources of entertainment for teenagers, there is a discrepancy in the way they’re each seen. It’s a well known preconception that books are both entertaining and educational.

Colossal movie flops of 2023


From the John Hughes teen movies that dominated the 80s, to more contemporary series like “Riverdale” and “Gilmore Girls”, there’s often been a longstanding history of inaccurate representation of teenhood.