Serenna Redwood




Class of 2023

Serenna Redwood is a senior in IB at Berkeley High. This year is her fourth year writing for the Jacket, she started as a freshman. As well as Jacket, Serenna is a dancer on Dance Production and has been dancing her whole life. She loves to read, ski and hike.

A student is writing down notes with an open laptop.

Are unpaid internships predatory or helpful towards young people?


For a long time unpaid internships have been framed as a way for teenagers to gain experience before entering the workforce, but the reality is that they are very unfair.

Unhealthy foods presented in poison.

Healthy eating culture in Berkeley has damaging effects on teens


Berkeley, as a very progressive city, has long been at the forefront of new ways to eat, specifically ways to eat healthily. From all-organic to keto, vegan, gluten-free, and a whole host of others, Berkeley has seen it all when it comes to diets.

A student watching violent content on their phone.

The media overexposes teens to violence, causing mental strain


Violence in the media is deeply prevalent and is often pushed on people from a very young age. In middle school, students may begin to read and watch sci-fi books or movies where violence turns against other people.

‘Pushy girlfriend’: A product of sexism


Every movie has its villain: aliens, stepmothers, bosses or sea monsters. But how did the stereotype of a pushy, controlling girlfriend become such a common villain in 2010s movies and TV shows?

District-wide drug education will save lives


Last year 1,146 teenagers died as a result of a drug overdose in America, and it is reported that 1 in every 7 teenagers has a substance abuse disorder according to American Addiction Centers.

Illustration: A pair of garden clippers clips a google-style avatar off of a plant

The dangers of cancel culture


We’ve all seen it happen before, when the ruthless whip that is cancel culture knocks down yet another teenage internet celebrity. When a video from years ago of your favorite TikTok dancer singing racial slurs surfaces, suddenly that individual must be removed from the internet.

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Stuns


Everything Everywhere All at Once is a movie directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert and has been labeled as the most recent sci-fi/action blockbuster movie.

Ukraine: More Than a Hashtag


In the US, we are attached to our traditional events, notably, award shows. So, this year, the Academy Awards served as a reminder of familiar and long-standing traditions.

Local Director Calls Out Sexism in Cinema


Of the top 250 films released in 2021, only 17 percent were directed by women, according to the Celluloid Ceiling Report. The film industry is extremely male-dominated, with the job of director being one of the most exclusive.

‘The Fallout’ Illuminates Impact of School Shootings


The Fallout is an HBO Max film that follows Vada and her friend as she experiences the emotional fallout after a school shooting. The main character, Vada, is played by Jenny Ortega, and her friend Mia is played by Maddie Ziegler.

Why Do Viewers Gravitate Towards Apocalypse Movies?


The “end of the world” is such a well known trope in movies and TV shows of the 21st century that it has become completely normalized. Yet, it is so repetitive that it is critical that we ask the question: why is it that our mainstream media has such a fascination with the collapse of

An altar with papel picado and photos of loved ones is displayed at the event to honor ancestors.

Día de los Muertos Event Held


The Bay Area Hispano Institute for Advancement held an event for Día de los Muertos on October 30 at the Berkeley Adult School. The event included a low riding car exhibit, stalls from many different Berkeley businesses, and food stands selling pan dulce, birria tacos, and aguas frescas.

Vaccine Policy Ensures Students’ Safety


The COVID-19 vaccine has caused a lot of controversy in this country, further exacerbating the political divide in America. Although many skeptics have expressed concern about the creation and impacts of the vaccine, the reality is that in the fight against COVID-19, it has proved to be nothing less than a savior.

BHS Must Actively Fight Climate Change


Friday climate strikes have brought hundreds of Berkeley High School students to the streets of San Francisco to chant and protest, waving colored signs and making a united call for change.

This year’s Chiefs of Publicity are Charlotte Dierks, Jack Wilan, and Adam Wilan.

Daily Announcements Revive BHS Spirit


Morning announcements have been a fundamental part of second period at Berkeley High School for many years, but since the start of this school year, morning announcements have been sporadic.

BHS Positive Case Community Letters Cause Unnecessary Anxiety


Does having to worry about contracting COVID-19 at school make you anxious? Amid taking numerous precautions against getting infected with COVID-19, many students are still concerned about the rising case numbers.

Stanford and Baylor Triumph In This Year’s March Madness


March Madness, the annual college basketball tournament run by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, ran from March 18 to April 5 of 2021. The tournament draws many viewers, and typically involves 64 college teams that get together in six different locations.

Emmett Rayhill, left, and Diego Walker, center, play soccer at a Bay Oaks practice at the Emeryville Center of Community Life.

All Sports at BHS Will Restart in the Spring


Berkeley High School has been slowly restarting sports that can be contact free since late January, but now the decision has been made to open all athletics at BHS, even if it is not immediately.