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Class of 2023

Simone Faulkner is passionate about writing and social justice, which is why she became an investigative writer on the Jacket. In her free time, she's still always writing and reading the news, though she also loves to play soccer, go to the beach, watch movies, and do community service.

Girl popping out from phone that has a lot of screens open

Co-opting  style trends damage Asian cultures


What do “white girl wellness,” fox eye makeup, and K-pop obsessions all have in common? Are they all somehow connected to Asian culture? Are they all things that white people have co-opted as their own?

A woman hiding from staring eyes

Women's fear of men deserves validation


When a little kid is bitten by a dog, it’s understandable that they might be scared of all dogs from then on. When one hears about someone else being bitten by a dog, it’s understandable for them to be scared of all dogs from that moment on.

people drowning at the feet of a man and a woman.

Misconstrution of  feminism harms BHS


Women’s autonomy, sexual liberation, and a supposed “kill all men” mentality are ideas often used to villainize feminism. The word feminism is commonly misconstrued to mean women’s independence from men, and even women’s superiority.

A Black Woman

Every diction is professional: codeswitching shouldn’t be a neccessity


“Finna,” “hella,” and “no cap” are just a few slang phrases that are heard around Berkeley High School hallways. While students use slang in the classroom as well, many students change the way they speak when they’re in class, with their friends, family, and in other situations.  It’s called code-switching:

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Eliminating university core
Editor-in-Chief requirements incites passion


Many seniors who want to go to a four-year college have spent an inordinate amount of time over the last year thinking about schools and wading through the glossy brochures that arrive in the mail each day.

Auden Svoboda, Caelen Fry, Hazel Fosket-Hydes, and Konani Chinn work on a group project.

Group work, in practice, serves as sexist self-fufilling prophecy


“It’s convenient,” Stella Wellborn, a senior at Berkeley High School, said when describing group projects. Group projects are a tool for teachers to grade less and teach less.

Latinx studies creates space for understanding at BHS


For some white students, it can be an unlikely choice to take a Latinx studies course because some may feel it’s not for them. To imagine walking into a class in which you are obviously an outsider is scary, but perhaps the point.  As a culture-based set of courses, Latinx studies classes are focused on

Illustration: A group of students sit around a table, with a brick wall around it

BHS clubs must be all-inclusive


Berkeley High School’s  seemingly endless list of clubs is a representative microcosm and point of pride for the school. There are a multitude of clubs for every hobby, culture, food item, and niche interest, even branching into single articles of clothing.

BIHS junior Neruda Diaz identifies as Mexican and Middle Eastern.

Lack of Diversity in Class Hurts BIPOC


Natalia Quezada, a junior in Academic Choice who identifies as Latina, is often one of the only students of color in her classes. According to Quezada, her teachers don’t do an adequate job of acknowledging the lack of diversity in classrooms or making a safe space for Black and Brown students.

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Is It Because They're Not White?


Two-year-old Arianna Fitts disappeared on April 5, 2016 in Oakland, California. Just before this, her mother, Nikki Fitts, was found dead by a gardener in McLaren Park in San Francisco.

BHS Success Relies on Measures E,G, & H


A good education system is crucial to creating a well-functioning society. And yet, American public schools often don’t get the funding they need, and teachers are given inadequate salaries despite their hard work.

Pages of "There There" by Tommy Orange litter the ground

An Open Letter to the Student Body


One of the most important responsibilities I feel as your principal is to keep you safe. So often, that involves imagining how to protect you and our school from outside threats – an earthquake, an active shooter, even bad air quality.