Simon Policy




Class of 2024

Simon Policy is creative fiction writer, journalist and video game developer. He's a recipient of the Scholastic Arts and Writing Silver Key award for fantasy and sci fi short fiction. In his free time, Simon procrastinates by geeking out on animated shows and 80s movies.

Girl thinking of two people kissing with a heart lit on fire.

Smut in YA books: Explicit sexual content draws split reactions


“Icebreaker” is a relatively new book that’s gone viral across social media. It’s a steamy love story that follows a competitive figure skater and her relationship with a hockey player, who goes to her university.

A row of divers are mid-dive into the water.

BHS swim takes on San Leandro meet


The Berkeley High School swim team soaked in the sun on Friday, 14 April, 2023 as they huddled beside the San Leandro High School outdoor pool. John Mcdonald, one of the team’s head coaches, stood with the athletes as he gave some supportive final words: if any team member were to swim with enough effort

Wrestlers match up on Feb. 11 at the West Alameda County Conference championships.

BHS hosts WACC wrestling championships


The sheet of drizzling, gray clouds, and the sharp, cold wind disappeared behind the Berkeley High School wrestling team as they entered the Donahue Gym on February 11.

Fall of linear TV turns kids towards dark corners of YouTube


The neon-soaked world of YouTube Kids is a worrying place. Now that the internet is more accessible than ever, kids across the globe have instant access to hours of content designed to keep them watching.

“WitchTok” escalates the commercialization of spiritual items like crystals.

WitchTok harms culture and the planet


Simply looking up “healing crystals” on Etsy will yield tens of thousands of purchasable results, with prices spanning from tens to hundreds of dollars.

Mexican telenovelas: Romance, betrayal, and cultural influence


Elaborately tangled romance, character-driven drama and shocking reveals have defined the content gracing Latin American television screens for over half a century.

A doll sits inside a box filled with broken hearts

‘Coquette’ eroticizes childlike innocence


The 1955 novel “Lolita” by Vladamir Nabokov depicts a predatory, sexual relationship between a 12 year-old girl and her middle-aged stepfather. For some incomprehensible reason, Hollywood produced two film adaptations, each being just as controversial as their source material.

BHS junior Simone Strader stands in front of a tree, looking downwards

Dressing on the gender spectrum: Students find growth through fashion and identity


“Especially as someone who’s struggled with dysphoria previously, I rarely feel it anymore,” said Ty Walthall, a junior at Berkeley High School.