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Athlete Profile: Sienna Prak-Perry


When Sienna Prak-Perry first began playing lacrosse in sixth grade, she was one of few players of Asian and Black descent on her team. At that age, she believed that she was an outsider in the Berkeley Bear Lacrosse community.

Crew To New Jersey Nationals


On April 24, for the first time since the pandemic shut down athletics, the Berkeley High School crew team was able to compete in the Scholastic Regionals against fellow Bay Area high schools.

Youth organization Waterside Workshops anchors local kayakers in supportive communities.

Students at BHS Learn Trust While White Water Kayaking


“The first time I went in a kayak was on a small, calm lake with my dad and brother,” said Haley Goetting, a Berkeley High School senior. “We were just paddling around and shooting each other with water guns.

BHS Wrestlers Learn to Drop Weight Responsibly and Safely


In the weeks leading up to a tournament, stepping onto a scale is an everyday ritual for wrestler Paola Bedolla Garcia, a Berkeley High School junior.

Scaled Scoring Enables Unconscious Bias


Passionate sports fans cannot resist offering their opinion when it comes to the outcomes of their favorite teams. When their team doesn’t win, fans are quick to blame the judges, accusing them of bias or error.

Unoriginal Christmas Albums Have To Go


When it comes to the holiday season, the popular traditions of exchanging gifts and decorating a Christmas tree are accompanied by a soundtrack of Christmas favorites.

Kaepernick’s Story Told in Netflix Series


Colin Kaepernick is well known as not just a former 49ers quarterback, but as the leader of a social justice movement that rocked the National Football League.

Villain Origin Films Encourage Empathy


Movies, books, shows, and even bedtime stories have traditionally utilized the conventional narrative of good versus evil. In recent years, the stories behind the villains of these classic tales have come to light in new films.

In Memoriam: Berkeley High’s Papa Zak


Zakarya Diouf, a pioneer of West African dance in the Bay Area and beloved teacher at Berkeley High School, passed away recently. Diouf was an influential member of the community, and as a drummer and teacher in the Afro-Haitian classes of the African American Studies Department, he helped shape it into the revered

Isabella Rodriguez anticipates the ball in a match against San Leandro High School.

Girls Tennis Dominates Courts


As the Berkeley High School girls tennis team stepped onto the court on Wednesday, October 6 for their match against San Leandro, they had a specific goal in mind: win four out of the seven matches.

Overtraining and Specialization in Sports Break Down Young Bodies


Over the past years, youth sports have become highly competitive. As a result, youth athletes are being pushed to train harder and longer. Along with an increase in intensity, there has been an uptick in the number of sports-related injuries.

The University of California, Berkeley’s baseball team plays a game.

Pandemic-Era Alumni Navigate the World of College Athletics


As college sports kick off, former Berkeley High School athletes Ben Morgan and Ryan O’Sullivan anxiously await the start of their first college sports season.