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Zendaya, Mike Faist, and Josh O

Zendaya volleys between two best friends in smash-hit tennis drama: ‘Challengers’


“Challengers,” from Italian director Luca Guadagnino, is a drama-filled film that will have the audience wanting to pick up a tennis racket. The movie received mixed reviews, some hailing it as one of the best sports dramas of the decade, while others were left disappointed with the plot and directorial choices.

NEWS BRIEF: Berkeley Copwatch releases new report


On Tuesday Jan. 16 2023, Berkeley Copwatch released a report entitled “Purging the Poor: Arrest Quotas, Racist Texts, and the Role of City Leadership in the ‘Textgate’ Scandal” outlining the results of Copwatch’s investigation into misconduct by Berkeley Police Department Bike Force officers.

A photo of a hand holding a cup of coffee.

Students must become caffeine conscious


Nowadays, in zero and first period, students can be spotted with a cup of Joe from Peet’s Coffee or K’s Cafe. Despite the popularity of fun caffeinated drinks, caffeine intake has been linked to several negative side effects including poor physical and mental health, disrupted sleep patterns, increased anxiety, and behavioral patterns similar to people

An illustration of a calendar of on school week with a person standing in the first four and sleeping in the fifth box.

Four-day school weeks are not practical


As the world recovers from the pandemic, calls for a shortened school week to allow for more free time have gained momentum. As of September this year, an estimated 1600 schools in the US have adopted the four-day school week.

Illustration of a red ballon shaped like an "A" being inflated.

Grade inflation impairs student growth


Grade inflation is where a student’s given grade is higher than the grade they “deserve.” Typically, this results in a higher average GPA across the class, since everyone in that class has had their grade increased.

Koch does her lucky ribbon.

Athlete Superstitions: A form of comfort


Superstitions, which can be of religious origin, a ritual, or even something as simple as a lucky watch, are important to many people. At Berkeley High School, many student athletes have their own superstitions to help them towards success.“You just want to be as comfortable as possible.