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In Memoriam: BHS Girls Volleyball Coach James Manuel


In loving memory of Berkeley High School girls volleyball coach James Manuel. His exuberance, passion, and generosity lives on within his family, his teams, his colleagues, and all those he connected with.

At the Emeryville Center of Community Life, students in Bay Oaks, a program of the East Bay United Soccer Club, practice soccer.

BHS Forces Soccer Players to Choose Between School and Club


For student athletes at Berkeley High School, the past year has been a roller coaster. As fall and winter sports were cancelled or postponed, players faced uncertainty and disappointment.

BHS senior Jake Hilton is a member of the varsity baseball team as well as a coach for the East Bay Cyclones.

Teen Sports Coaches Find Solace in the Pandemic


“Having a teen coach brings a different insight and energy to the game. … It feels like a very lively and collaborative process,” shared Kai Kai Spencer, a senior in Berkeley International High School at Berkeley High School.

Carol Christ is the first female UC Berkeley chancellor.

Celebrating the Women of Berkeley


Carol Christ  Carol Christ joined the University of California Berkeley faculty in 1970. She was a teacher and an administrator until 2002, when she became the president of Smith College in North Hampton, Massachusetts.

Young dancers in class at Heat Danceline, a studio in Oakland.

Black Americans Harness the Power of Dance as a Tool for Change


For Berkeley High School senior Shayla Avery, dance is powerful. Avery, a student in Academic Choice, is both a dancer and an activist — often at the same time.

Shoppers browse for clothes at The Salvation Army on Webster Street in Oakland Chinatown.

Ethical Fashion: Students Discover New Ways to Shop Sustainably


In the 2019-20 Berkeley High School yearbook, a photo spread titled “Fashion” featured students wearing everything from snake-patterned pants to neon socks to leather skorts and everything in between.

A recently refurbished Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train lies vacant as the COVID-19 pandemic has lessened the number of commuters.

COVID-19 and Drop in Ridership Transform Public Transport


For many Berkeley residents, Bay Area Rapid Transit and the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District have been staples. BART has provided transportation for nearly fifty years, while AC Transit has been in action for over sixty years.

Ultraviolet Schneider-Dwyer poses in an artistic take on teenage struggles with body image.

Unhealthy Obsessions and Powerful Healing: Body Image in a Pandemic


For many teenagers, finding confidence with one’s body can be deeply difficult. An environment like high school certainly feeds this problem, as students are surrounded by peers to which they constantly compare themselves.

Youth activists march for climate justice at recent "March 4 Our Future."

Youth at BHS and Beyond Lead the Fight for Climate Justice


As humans grow older, our abilities to hear and listen slowly decrease. Time and usage wear down our auditory system, and our perception of sound and certain frequencies is greatly diminished.

Eli Bamberger is a senior in BIHS.

Faces of Democracy: First Time Voters Spotlight


Naomi Monahan Miller A senior in Communication Arts and Sciences, Naomi Monahan Miller, shared that this year’s election makes her feel both hopeful and terrified.

Resumption of Pac-12 Prompts Feelings of Excitement in High School Athletes


With the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sports, student-athletes worldwide have had to sacrifice their sports seasons. Although there is no doubt that students everywhere are feeling sad and disappointed in how the school year has turned out, the loss of a high school or college sports season on top of that is

Susanne Goldstein, a senior on BHS track and cross country, runs with an N95 mask.

Smoke Inhalation Adds to the Difficulties Athletes are Facing Right Now


Many student-athletes at Berkeley High School have been grappling with the unprecedented effects of the pandemic on their athletic routines. Over the past few weeks, the additional obstacle of smoke and poor air quality meant activities had to be kept inside; without access to team-workout space or the outdoors, BHS athletes were forced to

How is PE Credit Working at BHS This Year?


As the start of the 2020-21 school year approached, many students at Berkeley High School were faced with the realization that their fall sports seasons would be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shelter-in-Place Orders Disrupt the Academic Track for Berkeley High School Juniors


For most high schoolers, junior year is one of fabled difficulty. Juniors typically suffer through multiple Advanced Placement classes, the SAT/ACT, sports, extracurriculars, and the general anxiety of a “make or break” year.