Senior Profiles

Congratulations class of 2020! As part of our graduation issue, we've written dozens of senior profiles.

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Seniors are facing many disappointments as the school year draws to a close. Graduation, prom, and other traditional events have been cancelled or moved online. Brighten someone's day by leaving a congratulatory message for a friend or relative.

Special Issue: Black History Month

Students submitted their art and poetry for our special Black History Month issue. “Black History Month is when not only Black struggles are recognized, but Black strength is celebrated by everyone.”

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Students’ Choice Awards

The end of this year marks the end of a period of life-changing music, movies, TV shows, and yes: memes for many high school students. We’ve organized dozens of polls of Berkeley High students to compile a list of the best songs, movies, TV shows, and memes of the decade that have shaped their childhood.

A New Lens on Larchmont

When Joan Patsy Ostroy (formerly Sternberg) was three years old and her sister Ann was one, her family moved from Manhattan, New York to Larchmont, an upscale suburb of New York City in 1945. Larchmont was known for its excellent public schools which was the main reason the Sternbergs moved...

Flores Mundi

Flores Mundi (FLOWERS OF THE WORLD) by Bella Nathan STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER This is a project I have been working on for a little more than a year, and something I plan on continuing. I take very close up and focused pictures of the flowers and then cut them out and...

Red & Gold Day

BY NATE KAPLAN For as long as many Berkeley High School (BHS) students and teachers can remember, Red and Gold Day, formerly known as Rally Day, has been a beloved tradition. For others, however, the final day of Spirit Week is dreaded. The day was created to enhance school spirit...

What We Don’t See

what we don’t see. by laila diaz If depression and anxiety were to take a physical form, what would it look like? It starts with a physical representation of putting on a face to please the world, and then takes us into the person’s head and what it is like...

Should the Government Create Legislation Specifically to Reduce Teenage Vaping?

Nora Furlong, a junior in Academic Choice (AC), says “Juul should be cut down and sued for what it’s been doing to kids, because I see everyday that … vaping has insidiously integrated itself into our society.” She added that “the amount of press that vaping is getting over gun...

Climate Strike

“You will die from old age, I will die from climate change” Jerome Paulos On September 20th, 2019, about 8,000 climate activists rallied in Downtown San Francisco to demand climate action from political leaders. Youth vs. Apocalypse, a group of diverse, young youth from the Bay Area took the initiative...


By Clara Mizock Berkeley High School (BHS) class of 2019, your time here has finally come to an end. I’m sure you’re excited to begin the next chapter of your lives and leave your high school years behind, but we won’t be forgetting you any time soon. Through your leadership,...

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CRISPR Sparks Debate Among Scientists

Ever since genetic editing emerged as a possibility, the scientific community has been pressed with questions of ethics just as much as those of discovery. Recent developments that appear to be straight out of a science fiction movie have brought both worldwide attention and fear to discussions concerning progress in...