Art classes at private and public schools: Differing experiences


While Berkeley High School is the only comprehensive public high school in Berkeley, there are 148 private schools in Berkeley. Various factors distinguish student experiences in public schools from those in private schools, such as funding, technology, location, and class size.

Crunch culture in animation industry impacts work conditions


Animation, as an industry, has faced a lot of change since the early days of shows like “Steamboat Willie.” These changes have manifested due to advances in both technology and, for better or for worse, workplace standards.  The animation and VFX industry is a very lucrative one, currently valued at $181.3 billion with projected growth,

A painting of Bob Ross held by robot

Artificial intelligence steals techniques to fabricate new ‘art’


Would the Mona Lisa have been as popular if it was created by Artificial Intelligence? Consider people traveling from all over the world to the Louvre.

Hanna Gohlke, Shai Eastman, and Vivian BEll practice guitar in the A building lobby.

Arts on the Run middle school field trips highlight BHS arts


On Wednesday, January 5, the Advanced Dance, African Diaspora, Electronic Music, Guitar, and Drama classes at Berkeley High School visited all three Berkeley Unified School District middle schools to promote the performing arts classes at BHS.

Located in Downtown Berkeley at 2155 Center Street, four of BAMPFA

BAMPFA Reopens After Yearlong Closure With Unique New Exhibitions


On April 30, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive reopened its doors to the public. BAMPFA has been closed since March 15, 2020, and finally reopened for members and for University of California, Berkeley students on Friday, April 30.