Artist Spotlight

Kea Morshed pretending to take a photo without a camera.

Artist Spotlight: Kea Morshed


Kea Morshed feels making films has been very therapeutic for him. He describes how, “Because I write most of my films, whether I like it or not, they always represent what was going on in my life at that time in my head.

A picture of the artist holding one of their works.

Artist Profile: Miles-Wang


Art has become an increasingly competitive and critiqued field, with higher level classes demanding pieces fit impossible rubrics, and colleges looking for criteria within creativity.

Artist Spotlight: Shai Eastman


One of the beautiful things about art is its multitude. The variety of mediums, techniques and styles are endless, as are the feelings art can evoke. Shai Eastman, a senior in Academic Choice is as talented as art is expansive, and she refuses to limit herself to one medium.  Eastman began truly exploring their

Artist Spotlight: Konani Chinn


For Berkeley High School junior Konani Chinn, art has always been their fundamental form of self expression, regardless of the medium. “I don’t have a kind of art, I just create when life inspires me,” they remarked.

Artist Spotlight: Sofia Lopez


SOFIA LOPEZ, a junior in Academic Choice, combines her creativity with her cultural identity to create alluring and thought-provoking paintings. Growing up, Lopez was always drawn to art, but it was not until her first middle school art class with Mr.

Sasha Wizelman holds up her poetry notebook.

Artist Spotlight: Shasha Wizelman


SASHA WIZELMAN is a talented poet and a senior in Communication Arts and Sciences. She began writing poetry in her freshman year, when her English class entered a poetry unit, and she hasn’t stopped writing since.

Artist Spotlight: Galilea Caro


“Art is healing for me,” said Galilea Caro, a Berkeley High School senior in Academic Choice. “I don’t put pressure on myself to make something perfect.”  Caro started painting in the first grade and considers it to be a major part of her life.


Artist Spotlight: Dexter Suhn


With musical recording technology becoming more accessible than ever, young musicians have found ways to produce music from their own bedrooms. This phenomenon has created the aptly named genre of “bedroom pop.” Artists like Billie Eilish, Clairo, and Cosmo Pyke have made this lo-fi sound a world-wide success.

Miumi Shipon, who draws on both personal experience and punk culture to create her art, is interested in how creating and consuming media can be a form of empowerment.

Artist Spotlight: Miumi Shipon


“My main objective is to make other people feel more seen,” said Miumi Shipon, a junior in Academic Choice. Shipon describes herself as a visual artist, a poet, and a dancer.

Ximena Mandujano

Artist Spotlight: Ximena Mandujano


Ximena Mandujano is a senior in Communication Arts and Sciences with a passion for dancing. Merriam Webster defines “dance” as “to move one’s body rhythmically usually to music: to engage in or perform a dance,” which is fascinating.

Tenor saxophonist Camille Collins plays by the Pillars at Lake Merritt.

Artist Spotlight: Camille Collins


“That is normally more how I write … just from a single moment, gaining inspiration, and … improvising [on] it,” said Camille Collins — student, musician, and activist.