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Community college enrollment proves difficult to navigate


In recent years, it has been difficult for Berkeley High School students to sign up for classes at Berkeley City College due to the strenuous process of enrolling and hard to read website.

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Eliminating university core
Editor-in-Chief requirements incites passion


Many seniors who want to go to a four-year college have spent an inordinate amount of time over the last year thinking about schools and wading through the glossy brochures that arrive in the mail each day.

A student picking a state

BHS seniors weigh the pros and cons of out-of-state universities


These months are crucial for seniors as they send in applications for regular decisions and receive early admission notifications. At Berkeley High School, seniors flock to the College and Career Center in the hopes of getting their essays read or receiving help submitting applications.  Many public and private school applications are due in early

College counselor Maya Martinez works at her computer, where students are free to drop by.

BHS counselors and students offer college interview guidelines


As the fall semester comes to a close, Berkeley High School seniors are starting to submit their applications to colleges, and experience their first college interviews.

UC on Strike

UC Berkeley academic workers strike for higher wages, benefits


Over the last few weeks, close to 48,000 University of California academic workers, 10,000 of whom are from UC Berkeley, are striking for higher wages and better benefits.

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BHS college counselors reflect on college costs, mental health


As seniors begin to submit their first college applications, many students have started thinking about the huge costs that come with attending most universities, which include application fees as well as the actual tuition.

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College applicants grapple with the overturning of Roe v.Wade 


Roe v. Wade was a Supreme Court ruling made in 1973 that legalized abortion nationally. It was overturned on June 24, 2022, giving individual states the right to criminalize abortion.   Many students at BHS experience their views being reciprocated by the local government.

College admissions process drives students away from college


As Berkeley High School returns to the new school year, a fresh senior class begins the infamous college admissions process, and the class of ‘23 can already feel the stress of the long path before them.

Despite effort to mitigate the tension surrounding entrance to "big name" schools, including those like UC Berkeley, it

Online Learning Alleviates Competitive Nature of College Process


The pandemic has prevented many Berkeley High School traditions from taking place  for seniors. The class of 2021 has lost Red and Gold Day, blowout, Senior Sunrise, and the overall experience of being a senior at BHS.

Stanford and Baylor Triumph In This Year’s March Madness


March Madness, the annual college basketball tournament run by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, ran from March 18 to April 5 of 2021. The tournament draws many viewers, and typically involves 64 college teams that get together in six different locations.

College Admissions Proved Especially Competitive During Pandemic


As April comes to a close, Berkeley High School seniors face the fast approaching college decision deadline. Come May 1, many will commit to the college they plan on attending the coming year, with the hope of some sense of normalcy.  Like many other aspects of life this year, the college application process has

BHS Students Navigate Intricacies of Paying for Higher Education


“I’m on the wealthier side of people. We live in Berkeley, in the Bay Area, and if my family still feels like we can’t afford 90 percent of colleges, then there’s a problem with the system,” remarked Felix Mousigian, a senior at Berkeley High School in Berkeley International High School.

To Shed Racist Past, UC Berkeley Renames Buildings


Over the past five years, a movement has grown at the University of California, Berkeley that centers around the issues of identity and injustice that have swelled in recent times.

BHS baseball, led by Millikan and Morgan, started their season on March 12.

Recruited Baseball Athletes: Noah Millikan and Ben Morgan


Noah Millikan Noah Millikan, a senior at Berkeley High School, has been playing baseball for the past 15 years, and will continue to play in college, as a pitcher for the University of Pennsylvania.

College Readiness Majorly Impacted by COVID-19, Community Must Support Upperclassmen


In a normal year, the transition from high school to college is anything but easy. Amidst a global pandemic and distance learning, previous challenges are exacerbated, and new problems are constantly arising.

IB Diploma: Unique Advancement Opportunity or Additional Stress?


As students at Berkeley High School wrap up picking their classes for the following year, ninth graders have the additional task of choosing the small learning community they will join for the next three years.

Recruited Athlete Profiles: Lila Sayre and Jake Hilton


Lila Sayre As Berkeley High School seniors apply for college and await their letters of acceptance, some student-athletes already know the school they will attend and play for in the upcoming year.

Gil Gvishi, captain of the BHS water polo team, has committed to the University of the Pacific as a new recruit for their D1 team.

Athlete Profile: Recruited Athletes


Gil Gvishi Gil Gvishi, a senior in Berkeley International High School and captain of the Berkeley High School boys varsity water polo team, grew up submerged in the world of water polo.