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Berkeley and California vote on 2022 midterm propositions


PROP L, M, N As for local legislation, measures M, and N passed, with 64 percent, and 76 percent of the vote respectively. Measure L, which required a 66 percent majority, failed with only 59 percent of the vote.

Poll booths in California

‘We are the future’: BHS students plan to work polls, volunteer


With the midterm election approaching on November 8, many Berkeley High School students are signing up to be election poll workers in order to play a part in this year’s midterm elections.  In particular, BHS clubs have been participating in political activism.

The office of the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board sits on the corner of Milvia and Center Street in Downtown Berkeley.

Five New Pro-Tenant Members Elected to Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board


On November 3, the five members of the Right to Housing Slate were elected to the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board. On their campaign website, the candidates describe themselves as “a group of progressive, pro-tenant candidates,” who “believe that housing is a human right.” The new board members are Leah Simon-Weisberg, Mari Mendonca, Andy Kelley, Dominique

Ranked-Choice Voting Will Result in More Accurate Elections


Ranked-choice voting is an election system where voters rank candidates by preference, as opposed to choosing only one candidate, as the current “winner take all” system requires.

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Mayor Jesse Arreguín Must Expand His Policies on Climate and Police


On November 3, Jesse Arreguín was re-elected as mayor of Berkeley. Winning 65 percent of the vote, it is clear that the majority of Berkeley voters found him to be the most qualified candidate.

2020 General Election: Biden Defeats Trump, Democrats Retain Control of House


On November 3, 2020, Berkeley residents and Americans alike went to the polls to cast their votes in local, state, and national elections. By election day, the majority of voters had already voted early, either by mail or in person.

Local residents walk the streets of Oakland in celebration of Joe Biden

Election Results Highlight Progress and Work Ahead for Local Community


The 2020 elections were a stressful whirlwind for most. They involved a drawn-out presidential election, high stakes congressional elections, controversial propositions in California, and multiple electoral positions up for grabs in Berkeley.

Arreguín Reelected as Mayor, Babbitt and Vasudeo to Fill School Board Seats


Last week, voters reelected Jesse Arreguín as Berkeley Mayor and selected Ana Vasudeo and Laura Babbitt as School Board Directors.  Mira Liao, a Berkeley Unified School District parent of two, expected that Jesse Arreguín would be reelected and believes that he is the best candidate for the position, adding that it is hard to

Measure HH Is Necessary to Lower Berkeley's Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Berkeley has often planted the seeds of global social change, ranging from the Free Speech Movement led by University of California Berkeley students to the more recent tax on soda.

Berkeley mayoral candidate Wayne Hsiung plans to work hard to achieve his goals if elected.

Wayne Hsiung's Unfaltering Passion Makes Him the Best Mayoral Candidate


Wayne Hsiung is the spitting image of the media’s portrayal of Berkeley citizens. A vegan animal rights activist with a record of fighting against injustice, Hsiung has an impressive ability to unite people.


For Homelessness, Preventing Climate Change, and Mental Health, Berkeley Needs Aidan Hill as Mayor


Young people are the ones leading the fight for political reform. From the students who refused to obey segregation laws in Greensboro in 1960, to the thousands of children who walked out of school to demand gun reform in 2018, social and political progress has always been driven by youth.

Voting Guide: How to Cast Your Ballot


How to Register to VoteRegistering to vote is simple. Visit IWillVote.com to find out how and where to register. You can register online in California as long as you have your California driver’s license or California identification card number and know the last four digits of your social security number.

Will 'Gen Z' Finally Beat Low Young-Voter Turnout?


The privilege of voting in a free and fair election has been squandered by all but 36 percent of young voters in recent years, according to statistics from the US Census.

How will 2020’s State Propositions Impact Berkeley?


Proposition 14: Prop. 14 would continue to fund California’s stem cell research by allowing the state to borrow up to 5.5 billion dollars. Proponents argue that investing in stem cell research could lead to breakthrough medical treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, cancer, and strokes.

Vote YES on Prop. 16 to Allow Affirmative Action


This November’s ballot contains Proposition 16, which is about affirmative action, a very controversial practice. Voting yes on Prop. 16 would help many Californians by overturning outdated and harmful Proposition 209.

School Board Candidates Seek Student Support at Virtual Forum


On October 1, 2020 candidates for the Berkeley School Board participated in a virtual forum organized by the YMCA program Youth and Government, and Berkeley High School club BHS Stop Harassing.

A large lawn sign encourages voting and voices support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Should Election Day Be a National Holiday?


Every year when Election Day comes around, there is an outpouring of people begging others to get out and vote. But what about the people who work all day, every day, and can’t take time off?

Ana Vasudeo, vice president of equity and inclusion on the Berkeley PTA council, is running for Berkeley School Board

Why Ana Vasudeo for School Board Should Have Your Vote


A school board representative should have experience working with school districts and be dedicated to advocating for equity in our schools. Ana Vasudeo, a candidate for Berkeley Unified School District School Board, meets these qualifications and many more, making her the clear choice for a school board representative.