A student watching violent content on their phone.

The media overexposes teens to violence, causing mental strain


Violence in the media is deeply prevalent and is often pushed on people from a very young age. In middle school, students may begin to read and watch sci-fi books or movies where violence turns against other people.

With the increased dependency on screens for school and homework, many students

Community Struggles With Increase In Social Media and Screen Time


Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a prevalent increase in screen time and social media usage. Students spend hours on Zoom classes doing homework, thoughtlessly checking social media, and watching Netflix.

Despite Progress, Hollywood Must Work to Better Reflect Asian Americans


Recent controversy surrounding Doctor Seuss’s racist and caricatured portrayal of East Asians in his books has led to deeper questions being posed about xenophobia in American culture and the representation — or rather, misrepresentation — of Asian Americans in the media.

Shock Marketing on Social Media Has Gone Too Far


Women belong in the kitchen.  Now that I have your attention with a shocking lede, it’s time to talk Burger King and the rise of viral marketing.

“Super Straight” Is an Invalid Sexuality Rooted in Transphobia


Straight male fragility is a forever fighting force to be reckoned with. The latest battle has to do with a brand new “sexuality” started on an online forum called “Super Straight.” The term Super Straight is an excuse for blatant transphobia and the devalidation of the LGBTQ+ community and shouldn’t be recognized as a valid

During the boycott, Amazon

Amazon Boycott Serves as an Ineffective Stand Against Corporation’s Power


Billions of dollars fill Amazon’s coffers each year. Jeff Bezos only recently ceded his seat as the richest person on Earth to Elon Musk, and the company’s stock trades for upwards of three thousand dollars per share.

Instagram Should Remove Like and Follower Numbers to Improve Users’ Mental Health


Many Instagram users became dismayed when the number of likes on others’ posts disappeared on March 2. Instagram’s PR team rushed to Twitter to announce that this was an unintentional consequence of “testing a new experience to hide likes on Feed posts.” The numbers were restored and the world heaved a collective sigh of relief.

Moxie’s Attempts to Educate Falls Short


“Patriarchy sucks. Rebel girls are cool,” reads Netflix’s tagline for the new film Moxie, directed by Amy Poehler. This summarizes the ethos of the movie, as well as its many problems.

‘In and of Itself’ Is a Uniquely Magical Experience


Magic shows are inherently fun and exciting events. A man in a fancy cape and hat dances around a stage and makes all sorts of wondrous things happen, from pulling a rabbit out of a hat to reading an audience member’s mind.

Media Must Stop Using Language that Incites Anti-Asian Hate


“Can American Values Survive in a Chinese World?” asked one Foreign Policy headline. “This Is Not Dystopian Fiction. This Is China,” proclaimed another from The New York Times.

Lack of Female Media Executives Leads to Inaccurate Representation of Women


Imagine a Supreme Court Justice or a computer scientist. Who do you see? Most likely, you’ve pictured a white man. Your vision reflects what you see on television, and in turn, this image shapes what you choose to become.