Trump handcuffed with money labelled hush in his hands.

BHS reflects on the implications of President Trump's indictment


On Tuesday, March 30th after former president, Donald Trump, was arrested in New York, he became the first former president ever indicted with federal crimes.

World News in Review: Democracy and Protest


Hungary:  The strength of Hungary’s democratic institutions has continued to backslide over the past few months, with the COVID-19 pandemic allowing nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban to tighten his grip on the country.

BHS parent and activist Marc Staton feels relieved, but not overjoyed, with the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Berkeley Responds to Aftermath of Chauvin Verdict: What Happens Now?


When activist and Berkeley High School parent Marc Staton heard the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial, he experienced a wide range of emotions. “There was no joy in it.

Berkeley Copwatch Holds Rally on Kayla Moore’s 50th Birthday


On April 17, Berkeley students and activists gathered in MLK Civic Center Park in honor of what would have been Kayla Moore’s 50th birthday, had she not died during an interaction with Berkeley police in 2013.

California Approves Historic Ethnic Studies Curriculum


On March 18, California’s State Board of Education approved an historic Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. The curriculum, which will serve as guidance for high schools across the state on how to implement Ethnic Studies education, has been developed and revised by the state board over the past four years.  California’s new model curriculum will make

Depoliticizing the Vaccine Is Crucial for Protecting Our Community


A few months ago, scientists across the globe brought us a miracle. In record time, they managed to produce a series of vaccines, each highly protective against severe COVID-19 and death.

Student Social Action Guide: How To Go Beyond Social Media


Protests, Rallies, and Marches Attend a protest by joining others on the streets to fight collectively for a cause. Marches are held often across the Bay Area and are a straightforward way to get involved.

To Shed Racist Past, UC Berkeley Renames Buildings


Over the past five years, a movement has grown at the University of California, Berkeley that centers around the issues of identity and injustice that have swelled in recent times.

From top left, clockwise: Lindsey Chou, Maize Cline, Neva Zamil, and Ava Nemeth, co-leaders of WSU. The WSU recently filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Education, claiming that new regulations hinder the protections offered under Title IX.

BHS Women’s Student Union Files Title IX Lawsuit Against Department of Education


On March 8, 2021, the Berkeley High School Women’s Student Union filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Education. The lawsuit states that regulations instated in 2020 under former Secretary of Education Betsy Devos reduce federal protections offered to public school students from sexual harassment, including sexual abuse, under Title IX.

A checkout counter lies empty in Berkeley Natural Grocery Company, a health foods store located in the Westbrae Neighborhood. A recent ordinance has modified what foods will be able to be presented at checkout.

Berkeley Implements Nation’s First Healthy Foods Checkout Line Ordinance


After almost six months, Berkeley has finally enacted the nation’s first checkout ordinance, which requires stores to place healthier items in the checkout aisle.

The Alameda, a neighborhood at the base of the Berkeley Hills. Berkeley’s neighborhoods have been economically and racially segregated as a result of zoning policies.

Eliminating Single-Family Zoning Signifies Progress Towards a Fairer City


Mason-McDuffie was a real estate and development company responsible for building some of the most iconic Berkeley neighborhoods, including Elmwood Park.

Of one People’s Park’s inhabitants, Grady, sits on a couch in the park.

The Unknown Future of People’s Park: Housing Crisis vs. Community Legacy


If you know Berkeley, you know People’s Park. For many, the park represents a place of growth, protest, and childhood memories. For Grady, who has been living in People’s Park for just under five months and did not give the Jacket his full name, it’s “a positive place … where people want to be social