Fall Senior Nights


Girl’s Water Polo With chants ringing through the swim hall and benches packed with viewers, Berkeley High School proudly displayed its love for the girls’ water polo seniors on senior night, October 19, against San Leandro High School.  “It was so amazing to see so many of my friends come, the parents, the celebration, and

Despite effort to mitigate the tension surrounding entrance to "big name" schools, including those like UC Berkeley, it

Online Learning Alleviates Competitive Nature of College Process


The pandemic has prevented many Berkeley High School traditions from taking place  for seniors. The class of 2021 has lost Red and Gold Day, blowout, Senior Sunrise, and the overall experience of being a senior at BHS.

BUSD School Board Discusses Graduation, Teacher Healthcare, and Bridge Program


On Wednesday, May 5, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board met to discuss a variety of subjects, including the Berkeley High School Bridge Program, teachers’ healthcare costs, climate change, graduation plans, and the departure of Associate Superintendent Bajé Thiara.

College Admissions Proved Especially Competitive During Pandemic


As April comes to a close, Berkeley High School seniors face the fast approaching college decision deadline. Come May 1, many will commit to the college they plan on attending the coming year, with the hope of some sense of normalcy.  Like many other aspects of life this year, the college application process has

BHS Students Navigate Intricacies of Paying for Higher Education


“I’m on the wealthier side of people. We live in Berkeley, in the Bay Area, and if my family still feels like we can’t afford 90 percent of colleges, then there’s a problem with the system,” remarked Felix Mousigian, a senior at Berkeley High School in Berkeley International High School.

College Readiness Majorly Impacted by COVID-19, Community Must Support Upperclassmen


In a normal year, the transition from high school to college is anything but easy. Amidst a global pandemic and distance learning, previous challenges are exacerbated, and new problems are constantly arising.

Early Decision Process Proves Tedious, Yet Extremely Rewarding


Senior year is a stressful time, and one of the defining features that makes it that way are college applications. From finances to one’s field of study, it’s a lot to figure out.

UC Application Deadline Extended Due to Technical Difficulties


During an already stressful college application season, the University of California school system experienced technical difficulties the night before the deadline, preventing many from submitting their applications.

When the ACTs were cancelled due to COVID-19, senior Sydney Henderson had to rely on her extracurriculars for her college applications.

Seniors Reconsider College Plans Due to COVID-19


As Berkeley High School enters its third month of distance learning, seniors are working on the college application process from home. College visits, accessibility to the College and Career Center, and standardized testing have all changed drastically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and both seniors and the CCC are adapting to these unprecedented

Eli Bamberger is a senior in BIHS.

Faces of Democracy: First Time Voters Spotlight


Naomi Monahan Miller A senior in Communication Arts and Sciences, Naomi Monahan Miller, shared that this year’s election makes her feel both hopeful and terrified.

Risa Sundu, BHS girls water polo captain, looks forward to the season this year.

Water Polo Athlete Profile: Risa Sundu


Marisa Sundu is the co-captain of the Berkeley High School girls water polo team. In such unprecedented times, she has had to lead her team through uncharted waters.

Senior Profiles


Post a Message for Berkeley High's Graduating Seniors


Seniors are facing many disappointments as the school year draws to a close. Graduation, prom, and other traditional events have been cancelled or moved online.