Women’s History Month

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Women in scientific fields

Fighting for women in STEM field is vital


Women make up half of the United States population, but only make up about a third of STEM jobs. Women in STEM are only paid 89 cents per every dollar paid to their male counterparts.

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Women's fear of men deserves validation


When a little kid is bitten by a dog, it’s understandable that they might be scared of all dogs from then on. When one hears about someone else being bitten by a dog, it’s understandable for them to be scared of all dogs from that moment on.

Women must value interpersonal relationships


Perhaps the most devastating oppressive strategy used against people subject to maltreatment is uprooting camaraderie within them. As women, straightforward connections with each other have been complicated by the patriarchy, weaving a toxicity into the formulaic thought patterns of which we extend human compassion.

Male Dominance Proves to Be Root of the Wage Gap in Athletics


The wage gap between male and female athletes continues to hinder women in their field of play and frustrate the masses of sports fans across the country.

Carol Christ is the first female UC Berkeley chancellor.

Celebrating the Women of Berkeley


Carol Christ  Carol Christ joined the University of California Berkeley faculty in 1970. She was a teacher and an administrator until 2002, when she became the president of Smith College in North Hampton, Massachusetts.

Leila Mirza is a BHS junior running for ASB president.

2021 Presents All Female Candidates for ASB President and Vice President


In past years, president and vice president Associated Student Body candidates would tape flyers onto hallway walls, give speeches at assemblies, and go from class to class vouching for their ideas and platforms.

Miumi Shipon, who draws on both personal experience and punk culture to create her art, is interested in how creating and consuming media can be a form of empowerment.

Artist Spotlight: Miumi Shipon


“My main objective is to make other people feel more seen,” said Miumi Shipon, a junior in Academic Choice. Shipon describes herself as a visual artist, a poet, and a dancer.

Melissa Jimenez is a Berkeley High School teacher who has had to balance work and childcare amidst the pandemic.

Berkeley Women Demonstrate Resilience Against Pandemic Struggles


During the past year, everyone has had to navigate the ups and downs of the pandemic. However, it is women in particular who have taken a hit, both worldwide and in Berkeley.

WSU President Ava Nemeth (top left), Vice President Neva Zamil (bottom right), Lindsey Chou (bottom left), and Maize Cline (top right) have advocated to change BHS curriculum to incorporate more female perspectives.

Women at BHS Continue the Fight for Representation in Curriculum


“Women have done a lot to enact change at Berkeley High, and that’s something that deserves more recognition,” said Lindsey Chou, a junior in Berkeley International High School and the treasurer of the Women’s Student Union.

Casual Use of 'Female' Is More Harmful Than it Seems


Female. The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of this word is, “of, relating to, or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs.” This definition would lead a reader to believe that the word is clearly biological, but a quick search for the word on Twitter brings up results of very

Lack of Female Media Executives Leads to Inaccurate Representation of Women


Imagine a Supreme Court Justice or a computer scientist. Who do you see? Most likely, you’ve pictured a white man. Your vision reflects what you see on television, and in turn, this image shapes what you choose to become.

Lacking Sufficient Pay, Female Basketball Players Look Overseas


Although many Americans would like to believe we live in a perfectly equal utopia, sexism and discrimination are still very much an issue. One of the main places this inequality shines through is within the sports world.