“I’m always here:” Q&A at the fruit stand


Francisco has been selling fruit on Milvia and Channing to the Berkeley High School community for the past year. In an interview with the Jacket, he answered questions on his experience running the fruit stand. His responses have been translated from Spanish and condensed for clarity.

Q: What is your daily routine like? 

A: I buy fruit every day Monday through Friday from a bodega in Oakland, where some other vendors also buy their fruit. Later in the day, I sell the fruit on the corner of Milvia and Channing from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. everyday, including weekends. I often have to throw a lot (of fruit) in the trash (at the end of the day). Everything I don’t sell I have to throw away, because I can’t sell it the next day.

Q: How would you describe your customer base? 

A: Sometimes (students) buy (fruit), sometimes (they do) not. Usually the people walking through or driving through are the ones who buy.

Q: What has been your previous experience selling fruit?

A: I have worked here on this corner for one year, previously I sold fruit in Stockton, Sacramento, and San Leandro. 

Q: Do you ever move to another corner?

A: I’m always here. This is the best place.

Q: What is business like here compared to other places? 

A: I have been in places where there are thieves, (but) there is no danger (in Berkeley). It is very beautiful because it is safe.