Eloise Thomas




Class of 2026

Eloise Thomas is a Berkeley High student, a writer on the Jacket and a part of the crew team. She is also a part of the school orchestra and the freshman leadership team.

Multi-sport athletes: ‘(It’s) a little hectic’


“I went to a mountain bike race in the morning, I left as soon as I was finished, slept in the car, and then had to go to a track meet at 9 p.m.. So that was a little hectic,” said Berkeley High School sophomore Carina Nottingham.

Lenka Simon serves as a student representative for the committee.

BSEP election for representatives; students note lack of clarity


On April 26, an online ballot was released to elect the student representatives for Berkeley Schools Excellence Program/School Site Council. BSEP is a local tax in Berkeley that funds things such as smaller class sizes, technology, music programs, and libraries, among many other services for Berkeley schools.

A student in front of a projector is presenting to a group of middle schoolers in front at a table.

BHS Stop Harassing Presents on Consent


Over the past week, Berkeley High School Stop Harassing, a student run organization aiming to eliminate sexual harassment and assault at BHS, has been sending students to middle schools around the Berkeley Unified School District to give presentations on consent.

Official Election Handbooks displayed at the 2023 Election Meet and Greet.

2023 Berkeley High School election results


On March 31, the Berkeley High School 2023 election results were announced in an email shortly after the end of school. The election that had taken place on March 28 was participated in by 70 percent of the student body.

Offical Election Handbooks displayed at 2023 Election Meet and Greet.

BHS 2023 Election Convention features diverse array of platforms


The following speeches were given by prospective school board representatives. This position is currently held by Ian Segall who sat as a panelist for this portion.

pictures of the Jacket

New member welcomed, chronic absenteeism data


On February 1, 2023, the Berkeley Unified School District Board Meeting was held in person for the first time since 2020. The directors gathered on the dais in front of the podium, and the meeting began with the usual roll call.

Coivd up

BUSD admin, staff respond to COVID-19 cases at BHS


Correction: This article has been edited to correct information that has now been verified.   The Berkeley Unified School District COVID-19 dashboard shows that in December 2022, 91 cases of COVID-19 were reported at BHS.

Author Mira Amiras promotes her book at the Bay Area Book Festival, Malkah’s Notebook.

Author Mira Amiras takes the stage at the Bay Area Book Fair


On December 8th, the Magnes Museum, a collection focused on Jewish art and life, hosted the Bay Area Book Fair. Just a few blocks from Berkeley High, Mira Z.

A Firefighter and Cap

School board: Literacy program update, two members retire


On Wednesday, November 30, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board meeting included an update on the recent dyslexia settlement, speeches by two board members who are stepping down this year, and recognition of Berkeley High School’s partnership with the Berkeley Fire Department.

Susi Lopex teaches Spanish at BHS

DÌa de Los Muertos fosters remembrance and celebration


Día De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, was celebrated throughout Latin American countries and communities on the first two days of November. At Berkeley High School, an altar was constructed in the C Building, honoring three students who passed away earlier this year.According to Susi Lopez, a BHS Spanish teacher, the school has