Erin Bartholomew

‘Nobody knows these things’: The bureaucratic and mental process of filing a Title IX report in BUSD


“Even though the process is not the friendliest, there is a benefit to reporting,” said Jasmina Viteskic, the Title IX Coordinator for Berkeley Unified School District.

Unrealistic Media Ideals Lead to Negative Body Image for Men


“Chris Hemsworth from Thor: Ragnarok. That was my ideal body type for years. That was my goal,” said Gabriel Ross, a junior in Berkeley International High School.

‘A Window for Rape Culture to Blossom:’
The Impact of Party Culture on Rape Culture


In 2021 graduate Melani Garcia’s freshman year at Berkeley High School, she attended her first party. At the party, she said hello to a classmate who she believed to be intoxicated.

The Social Media Experience Across Genders


The Jacket surveyed a sample of 368 students to explore the role of gender in the perception of social media among teens. Additionally, interviews gave students a space to share their views on social media and how it affects them personally.

Rally Day: Examining the Complicated History of The Controversial BHS Tradition


Rally Day at Berkeley High School, recently synonymous with mayhem and violence, has been going on for longer than almost anyone can remember. But the day that closes off spirit week was not always full of the bottle-throwing and partying it’s now known for.

Students of color attend a BIHS BIPOC Student Union meeting.

Student Club Aims to Improve BIPOC Experience in BIHS


A Small Learning Community within Berkeley High School, Berkeley International High School is known for its prestigious diploma program. But among BHS students, BIHS is also well known for its lack of racial diversity.

Montay Roberts

Skate Culture: Identities and Misconceptions


Montay Roberts, a freshman in U9, said that many people believe that skaters “have anger issues,” and are prone to taking their anger out on others and property.

BHS Students Provide Glimpse Into Post-Pandemic Parties


As anyone who has ever seen a classic high school movie will attest, one major coming-of-age activity is parties. Whether it’s an older classic or a more modern movie, house parties are invariably an element in teenage movies and TV shows.