Jasper Lovvorn-Black




Class of 2024

Jasper Lovvorn-Black is a writer and musician attending Berkeley High School. He has written for the BHS jacket since sophomore year and has written for the BHS Redwood Literary Magazine since freshman year. He is interested in social justice and media literacy.

An illustration showcasing a book with many different recipes from Asian culture.

BHS students reflect on AAPI familial dishes


Asian American and Pacific Islander food is extremely popular at Berkeley High School. The Jacket asked BHS students and staff to talk about their favorite dishes that connect to their AAPI heritage.

An artistic illustration of a musical stave transforming into a female gender symbol against a pink background. The stave flows from a treble clef into a series of musical notes, which then elegantly curve into the circle atop the cross of the female symbol, suggesting a fusion of music and feminine identity.

“Jazz is for everyone”: BHS Jazz Girls Day continues its legacy of education


On Saturday, March 9, 2024, Berkeley High School Jazz hosted the 13th annual JazzGirls Day from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the A-Building. The event invited female and non-binary musicians in elementary and middle school to learn and play music with female and non-binary high school and professional musicians.

Cyrus Patten-Ostergard, Magnus Scheffy, Finn Brooks, and Lincoln Roan are all seniors at BHS and former hosts of the Fishbowl Podcast.

Looking back on the Fishbowl Podcast, a student-led production 


During their sophomore year, video production teacher Phil Halpern reached out to Communication Arts and Sciences seniors Finn Brooks, Magnus Scheffy, Cyrus Patten-Ostergard, and Lincoln Roan.

A BHS student, Elias Leung, practices the piano.

BHS seniors reflect on their musical educations within BUSD


Typically, a Berkeley Unified School District student takes their first music class in third grade, learning how to play the recorder. In fourth and fifth grades, students can select an instrument from a range of brass, woodwind and string instruments.

Barbara Mellion has worked at BHS since 1980 and is now planning to retire from her position as district registrar.

Barbara Mellion retires after years at BHS


“I’m functioning as if I’m not retiring. And I have to my mind like, Okay, you need to start shutting things down. You need to start cleaning up your office, you know, and kind of throwing stuff out,” Barbara Mellion said.

"I strike a balance": BHS students talk time management


“People procrastinate a lot, which makes us set important things to the side … If you can manage time well, you’ll be able to balance things you need to do and things you enjoy,” Berkeley High School senior Lexi Perez said.

The Black Panther Party's Long-lasting influence at Berkeley High School


The formation of the Black Panther Party was crucial to the activism that was taking place in Berkeley during the 1960s. In 1968, Martin Luther King Jr.

A new graduate going to college of the back of a letter of reccomendation.

Letters of rec process overloads teachers


“Out of all the 50 letters of recommendation that I wrote, I was happy to write all 50, and I think that each student deserved a great letter of recommendation,” said Erin Smith, a Berkeley High School Biology and Integrated Science teacher, “(but) at the same time it’s a ton of extra work that I

Uji Time Dessert is located on Telegraph St. and Parker St.

Uji Time: Serving Asian fusion dessert with side of community


Uji Time Dessert, located on Telegraph and Parker, was founded in 2016 as a pop up store by three first generation immigrants from Hong Kong. Since then, it has expanded to multiple locations and has products in 27 different markets, all throughout the Bay Area.

‘An up and down process’: Teachers grapple to support students through grief


“We need more long-term mental health support for every student on this campus given what has transpired over the last year,” said Anna Maine, Multilingual Program co-lead teacher and English Learners Coordinator.

Medina Lam (they/them) is on the girls crew team.

“The world is too binary:” The struggles of trans and non-binary athletes at BHS


“It can sometimes be a little bit weird to be on a women’s varsity team and know that I am not a woman,” said Medina Lam, a senior on crew, who plays on a gendered team that they do not identify with.

The SLC Selection Lottery System: Helpful, Fair, or Neither?


When enrolling into her Small Learning Community in ninth grade, Berkeley International High School junior Rylyn Jaggar ended up with her third choice.

‘Someone Has Your Back’: Inside BHS Intervention Counseling


In the seventh grade, Alaya Alexander was pulled out of class one day to speak with an intervention counselor. Over the next several years, even as she began high school, she engaged in regular meetings with her counselor, who offered both emotional and academic support.