Kimia Azadpur



Lack of representation  harms mixed AAPI individuals at BHS


At Berkeley High School, some biracial Asian American Pacific Islander students are able to find a balance between their identities and proudly celebrate their cultures.

A hockey player skates on the ice at the Oakland Ice Center, one of the few ice rinks in the Bay Area.

Limited access hurts female hockey players


In the diverse sports landscape of the Bay Area, opportunities to play a wide variety of sports at different levels of competition are abundant. However due to the lack of ice in the Bay Area, the ice hockey community is noticeably smaller than those of other sports.

Cecelia and Avery work on a robot.

Women and non-binary students embrace robotics in Berkelium


“You just have to learn how to operate in the robotics team,” said Jazelle Harrison, a sophomore at Berkeley High School who recently joined Berkelium, BHS’s robotics team.

Girls soccer joins together in a community huddle.

Winter Senior Nights


The Berkeley High School girls soccer team played against Piedmont on Feb. 9 for their senior night. The game ended in a tie, 0-0,  placing them second in their league.

Proper pregame meals serve as crucial fuel for athletes


Preparing for games involves not only physical training but also careful consideration of a pre-game meal. Athletes need this crucial fuel to optimize their performance on the field.

Sad girl alone while other people hug each other in the background.

Social hierarchies in sports impede growth


In the world of sports, a subtle social hierarchy may exist among athletes on a team, emphasizing excellence. Falling short can affect an athlete’s ability to fit in on a team.

A BHS student examines a table of crafts on display at the Fall Craft Fair.

Fall craft fair promotes student creativity


On Thursday, Nov. 2, 2023, Berkeley High School hosted its first Fall Craft Fair on the campus green during lunch, providing a platform for students to showcase their artistic talent.

Dogs run around Berkeley

Students weigh in: Best places to take your canine companion


Berkeley is home to a massive community of dog owners who cherish their companions. Whether interested in scenic parks or pet-friendly establishments, these recommendations accommodate various preferences among dog owners.

Meredith Irby checks out Chromebooks to students.

BHS librarians: A busy day in the life 


“One of the things about being a school librarian is that every day is different,” said Allyson Bogie, the newest addition to Berkeley High School’s library.

Mario Barragan is in the Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble co-taught by Santos

Across generations: Latinx jazz, John Santos, Mario Barragan 


Latin-American roots constitute a significant dimension of the national art form which is jazz. One of the most prominent Latinx jazz musicians in the Bay Area is John Santos.