Lauren Huang


Features Editor


Class of 2023

Lauren Huang is a tinkerer, part-time farmer, and senior at Berkeley High. She has written for Jacket as a columnist and writer, and is a Features editor this year. Some of her work can also be found in the Daily Californian.

A group of students gathering near the main courtyard at BHS

What to know your freshman year at BHS: Finding community


As the annual cycle has it, Berkeley High School has been hit with yet another wave of freshmen. Here is a population of students hailing from a wide range of pre-teen experiences, and, consequently, with varying abilities to tackle life in their newfound territory.  The transition from middle to high school can be a

Seniors Reflect on Tumultuous College Admissions Process


This year’s seniors were sophomores when COVID-19 forced the students of Berkeley High School into lockdown, so they began their junior year in isolation.

BHS Community Grapples With Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine


Berkeley International High School senior Beckett Ellis-Chatman grew up hearing his grandparents speak Russian and Ukrainian. His family hired a Russian tutor to teach him the language at a young age.

Eli Kane Spirit Award Celebrates Late BHS Graduate


In honor of the late Berkeley High School graduate Eli Kane, the Eli Kane Spirit Award, launched this year by Eli Kane’s family, will allocate a $3,500 cash prize to one BHS junior or senior in April 2022.

School Board Talks Black History Month, COVID-19 Measures


At its February 2 meeting, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board convened to commemorate this year’s Black History Month and review future steps regarding COVID-19 policies including mask mandates, testing, and employee vaccination requirements.

Independent Study Student Brings BB Gun to BHS Campus


A student from Berkeley Independent Study was reportedly seen carrying a BB gun at Berkeley High School around the end of lunchtime on January 19. School Resource Officer Geoffrey Mitchell and two police officers from the Berkeley Police Department apprehended the individual in Downtown Berkeley after they had left campus.

Teachers Grapple with COVID-19 Sick Leave


One morning, Berkeley High School teacher and career advisor James Dopman woke up with a sniffle. In a normal year, he would have shrugged this off. After all, he felt relatively fine and had a history of allergies.

Xin Chen, pictured above, has taught Mandarin for the full 16 years that she has been at BHS.

Xin Chen: the Woman Who Revived BHS’ Mandarin Program


Every day at Berkeley High School, 116 students circulate in and out of C220, the only classroom on campus that offers Mandarin Chinese. BHS’ Mandarin program covers Mandarin I through III and Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Mandarin.

Like many local theaters, Shattuck Cinemas struggles to maintain business post-pandemic.

Berkeley Theaters Navigate the Lasting Impacts of COVID-19


Even on the slowest days with the worst films, movie theaters would always be filled with people. It’s easy to imagine the lines of visitors filing into showrooms to occupy the leather seats, some straggling behind to buy themselves a snack.

Changing Demographics: The Battle for Ethnic Studies Persists


In the early ’90s, a lack of ethnic representation in Berkeley High School’s curriculum sparked a student-led movement that demanded an ethnic studies requirement for graduation.

Sexual Harm Leaves Deep Marks In Wake of Burgmann Case


Students at Berkeley High School began noticing suspicious activity on social media at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. Many class of 2021 seniors, including Charlotte, were receiving Instagram Direct Messages containing explicit photographs and asking for personal information and images.

The City of Berkeley collects up to 1,800 tons of food and yard waste per month from residential and commercial sectors.

Berkeley’s Composting System Has a Unique Community Impact


Berkeley’s composting service has been a unique facet of the city for over 30 years. Through its specialized programs, the service has benefited Berkeley’s businesses, residents, and the climate.

Protesters at the Open Schools rally on February 6th

'A public education crisis;' BUSD Parents Rally to Open School


Berkeley Unified School District Parents held its third Open Schools rally on Saturday, February 6, across from Berkeley High School at MLK Jr. Civic Center Park.

Updated Reopening Requirements Presented at State of BUSD Meeting


On January 27, the annual Superintendent’s State of the District meeting was held from 6 PM to 8 PM through Zoom, and also broadcast live on YouTube.

How the Grammys Became the Most Meaningless Award in Pop Culture


An intricate 24K gold-coated horn and turntable mounted atop a palm-sized podium: the trademark trophy of the Grammy Awards show and a classic symbol sought after by some, while dismissed by others.

Celebrities and Public Figures Abuse Privilege During Pandemic


It appears as though a celebrity can simply ditch their worries about the pandemic once someone’s birthday or Halloween happens rolls around. Despite urging their followers to maintain social distancing and adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines, well-known personalities on social media flaunt their ability to choose how and when they decide to practice what they

2018 Video Game ‘Among Us’ Rises in Popularity Amidst Pandemic


Among Us, the space-themed multiplayer social deduction game was first released on June 15, 2018, by InnerSloth, a small independent game company. Despite its release over two years ago, the online game didn’t gain popularity within the Berkeley High School community until recently, towards the beginning of the 2020 school year.

SNL's 46th Season Expresses Necessary Political Commentary


Since 1975, the late-night comedy television show, Saturday Night Live, has evolved to address America’s popular culture and politics. During Donald Trump’s presidency, SNL has taken a significant step in expressing its political standpoint.