Lianna Leung


Managing Editor


Class of 2023

Lianna Leung is a student journalist who has previously worked on the Berkeley High Jacket and Daily Californian publications. In her free time, she can often be found running in Tilden with the Cross Country team or curled up with an Agatha Christie novel.

Fixing a Damaged System: BHS Coaches Must Confront Mental and Physical Issues Among Female Athletes


For many female athletes, the story is all too familiar. Entering high school, an athlete often quickly gains skill, fueled by hormones and a steep increase in training difficulty.

Accessibility is Crucial in Government Safety Net Programs


Throughout the pandemic, low-income families and immigrants have been working tirelessly on the front lines. They’ve been significantly more vulnerable to COVID-19 exposure and financial strain, yet obstacles involving documentation and accessibility have made it much more difficult for them to receive a number of stimulus services.

Bay Area Must Unify to Defend Asian Americans Against Hate


In early February, an 84-year-old Thai man was viciously shoved to the ground in San Francisco on his morning walk. He died days later. Less than a week after the unprovoked assault, an elderly Asian man was knocked over and hospitalized in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

BHS International Baccalaureate In-Person Exams Cancelled


On February 11, the International Baccalaureate Organization announced to schools that it will not hold a portion of the May 2021 International Baccalaureate exams.

Parent Teacher Student Association Holds Black History Month Celebration


On February 16, the Parent Teacher Student Association held a student-run Black History Month celebration and discussion in lieu of their monthly meeting.  The Tuesday gathering featured speeches, songs, and presentations from members of the Berkeley Unified School District community.

PTSA Meeting Focuses on Well-Being of Students During Distance Learning


The first Parent Teacher Student Association meeting of the new year was held on January 19. Temporarily setting aside the academic boundaries presented by distance learning, the discussion was focused around a more personal issue; the mental health and emotional well-being of Berkeley High School students.  Before the meeting, a survey was sent

Victory Point Cafe, located on Shattuck Ave., is Berkeley’s first board game cafe.

Berkeley Restaurant Spotlight: Victory Point Cafe


Derek DeSantis and Areg Maghakian shared a goal. Both love coffee, beer, and board games, and the two were interested in combining their passions to introduce the Bay Area to a board game cafe — an idea growing popular outside of the US.

Many students and their families celebrated Thanksgiving over a meal, despite traditions being altered due to the pandemic.

Gratitude in a Pandemic: BHS Students Celebrate Cautious Thanksgivings


Every year, among the fall burst of color, families across America come together to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year, however, sharing happy Thanksgiving moments with relatives was overshadowed by the possibility of sharing a deadly virus.

BHS class of 2020 showcases signs and colorful clothing during an October 2019 celebration of Red and Gold Day.

Loss of Spirit Week is Detrimental to BHS Culture and Unity


Every year at the end of October, the diverse community at Berkeley High School comes together in an outlandish display of traditions and school pride.

Recent BHS graduate Natalie Couch is attending online classes at Harvey Mudd College from her home in Berkeley.

BHS Graduates Make The Best Of Unexpected Setbacks


COVID-19 has been a huge setback for the class of 2020. Traditional celebrations such as prom and graduation were cancelled, and all final high school farewells were turned into awkward virtual ordeals.

Hyperboles Like #KillAllMen Don't Help Anyone


When first hearing the phrase “kill all men” said jokingly in the context of friends or otherwise, you’ll probably think it’s funny, just like I did.

Students Shouldn’t Have to Take Tests During Distance Learning


The first term of school has come and gone, and with it numerous difficulties surrounding distance learning have arisen. Among these issues are the apparently unsolvable “Zoom bombing”, malfunctioning classroom applications, and poor internet connection.

Reform Berkeley Policing by Voting YES on Measure II This November


After a summer of protests and widespread awakenings, Berkeley is finally taking a stance to hold their police system to a higher standard of conduct.

“Podding” May Be Key To Preserving Student Mental Health


The pandemic has hit us hard. Countless people have been left jobless and struggling, and infection rates in the Bay Area continue to rise. Many high schoolers have been suffering from increased anxiety and stress, exacerbated by the inability to seek in-person support from friends and extended family.