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An old photo of two Black students at desks, talking

No peace for powerless people: The activism that shaped the African American Studies Department


“Student activism. I think that is something really beautiful, and is what shaped this department.” said Dawn Williams, or “Doc Dub,” a teacher at Berkeley High School.

Protestors camp-out in front of Westlake Middle School on February 13.

‘No, the F**k They Won’t:’ Locals Fight OUSD Closures


On January 25, 2022, Maurice André San-Chez, a chorus teacher at Westlake Middle School, awoke to a list leaked by Mike Hutchinson, School Board District 5 Director.

Teachers Laroia-Nguyen, Gorrin, Matsumoto, and Jacob.

The Reality for Nonbinary Teachers at BHS


“I have never felt fully safe on campus in all my years here,” said nonbinary special education teacher Jacob, who does not use their last name except in a legal context.