Naomi Rosen

Asian Youth-Led Cultural Workshop Educates and Inspires BHS


May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and with the pressing issue of violence and discrimination against Asian communities across the country, celebrating Asian cultures is especially important.

Digital Dance: BHS Dance Production 2021 Launches Film Festival


Faced with this year’s unprecedented circumstances, the Berkeley High School Dance Production class embraced a unique opportunity to explore digital dance in its annual performance, which will take place on April 23.  Linda Carr, who teaches DP, explained the online model for the 2021 showcase.

Student Social Action Guide: How To Go Beyond Social Media


Protests, Rallies, and Marches Attend a protest by joining others on the streets to fight collectively for a cause. Marches are held often across the Bay Area and are a straightforward way to get involved.

IB Diploma: Unique Advancement Opportunity or Additional Stress?


As students at Berkeley High School wrap up picking their classes for the following year, ninth graders have the additional task of choosing the small learning community they will join for the next three years.

Recruited Athlete Profiles: Lila Sayre and Jake Hilton


Lila Sayre As Berkeley High School seniors apply for college and await their letters of acceptance, some student-athletes already know the school they will attend and play for in the upcoming year.

Major Sporting Events Rescheduled From 2020 to 2021


When the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm in early 2020, major sporting events planned for 2020 including the Summer Olympic Games and the Union of European Football Associations Euro were rescheduled to take place in 2021.

Word on the Street: What’s Your Favorite Holiday Movie?


Holidays are full of joyous traditions and festive celebrations. Even during COVID-19, families can find ways to celebrate the holidays and practice their favorite rituals in the comfort of their home.

'The Trial of the Chicago 7' Is Relevant in 2020


Political movie dramas have taken over TV streaming platforms, bringing notorious court cases, justice movements, and political events from over the years in our country back to life.

Dawn Williams, who teaches Afro-Haitian dance, gives her students the opportunity to move around during her classes.

BHS Teachers Speak About the Importance of the Art Department for Students


At Berkeley High School, participating in two years of an art course is a graduation requirement for all students. The art department offers numerous opportunities and class options for students to find an art form they feel passionate about.

Fall Football games serve as possible fundraising method for the Cal athletic department as they work to recover from the financial hit they took due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

UC Berkeley Athletics Cultivate New Fundraising Strategies


The University of California, Berkeley has one of the largest college athletic departments around the country, housing hundreds of athletes and staff members.

Water polo captain Gil Gvisci plays at Berkely High School and at Contra Costa United.

Water Polo Athlete Profile: Gil Gvisci


Gil Gvisci, a captain of the Berkeley High School water polo team and a senior in Berkeley International High School, has been playing water polo since he was eight years old, and his love and dedication to the sport is evident.

COVID-19 Increases Difficulty of College Recruitment Process for Student Athletes


When most school and extracurricular activities were canceled in March due to COVID-19, many student athletes were forced to forfeit their sports seasons.

For the time being, matters concerning BHS athletics remain uncertain.

BHS Plans for School Athletics During Pandemic


Berkeley High School has developed a new plan for sports and athletics during this unprecedented school year. The safety and health of each student, faculty, and family member connected to BHS is a top priority for the school at this time.