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Class of 2025

Ohad Aviran-Finkelstein is a writer and high school student in Berkeley, California. He is an avid musician playing the Clarinet. He also enjoys traveling around the world and plans to become an Aerospace Engineer in the future.

CTE pathways: key to equity at BHS


In this day and age, one does not have to go to college to be successful. One of the ways that California is trying to make jobs more accessible to high school graduates is through Career  Technical Education or CTE Pathways.


SF economic downfall is detrimental to Berkeley, action needed


San Francisco’s downtown was once a significant economic, cultural, and financial center. However, in recent years, the city’s iconic downtown has taken a turn for the worse.

Student walking up blocks that hand is building

Students must have more power to contribute to district decisions, changes


Students must have more power to contribute to district decisions, changes Berkeley High School is filled with students who are eager to create a better atmosphere.

Women in scientific fields

Fighting for women in STEM field is vital


Women make up half of the United States population, but only make up about a third of STEM jobs. Women in STEM are only paid 89 cents per every dollar paid to their male counterparts.

A gate to a university.

HBCUs over Ivies: The value for Black students


“I gained confidence from HBCUs … At Berkeley High, I was in the Advanced Math program all the way from freshman year to junior year, and I always felt extremely ostracized,” said Rayna Carter, a BHS alum and current junior at Howard University.

Teachers sometimes allow students to spend class outside.

Alternative teaching styles benefit students


High school field trips are growing more and more common, as opposed to traditional classroom learning. Since the pandemic, student engagement has plummeted, with 50 percent of students reporting that they are less motivated, according to a recent study conducted by the EdWeek Research Center.

A hand on the bible

Separation of church and state is critical


Throughout the years, America has become a diverse melting pot of people from every corner of the world with many bringing their traditions, recipes, and religions.

UC Berkeley academic workers strike for higher wages, benefits


“Our union stands with our members in California as they fight for fairness and an equitable collective bargaining agreement,” said UAW President Ray Curry in a public statement regarding the UC strikes.

Students in the CCC

BHS attendance policy introduces detention, Saturday School


 This year, Berkeley High school has initiated the Academic Intervention Program, as well as the implementation of new detention and tardy policies.

A girl stands in front of falling paper and coins

BHS teachers push back against letters of recommendation


This year, several Berkeley High School teachers are refusing to write letters of recommendation, as they are not receiving compensation. This has put pressure on many college applicants, including France Naville, a senior in Berkeley International High School.  So far, Naville hasn’t been able to secure any letters of recommendation due to the teacher

Redefining Chivalry: Truly Selfless Acts or Perpetuation of Toxic Masculinity? 


Society has been patriarchal for over ten thousand years, but as times change, so should society. In the past, the accepted role for a man was to protect his family, and the job of a woman was to take care of the family.

Beneficial or Performative: Should Politicians Publicly Volunteer?


PRO By Ohad Aviran-Finkelstein The actions of celebrities and politicians have massive effects on society. Although many public figures have taken their power for granted and used it to make little to no difference, other public figures have used their power to make a significant impact, working for the betterment of society.

Should Students Choose Their History Course Curriculums?


Berkeley High School requires students to attend a history class every year, which can be anything from Ethnic Studies to AP Government. However, many of the required history courses simply cover a narrow range of American or world history.

Should Bay Area Cities Be Cracking Down on Crime?


Yes Ohad Aviran-Finkelstein Recent headlines paint a grim picture of unsafe conditions in the Bay Area. Crime in San Francisco has risen over 12 percent in the past year, while Oakland’s violent crime rate was over three times higher than the national average.

A biker rides along a protected bike lane on Milvia Street outside of BHS.

A Solution to Berkeley’s Traffic Fatalities


Whether arriving to school by foot, bike, bus, or car, many Berkeley High School students have either been victims of traffic collisions or have witnessed near misses.

Students pass a police car on Bancroft. BHS violence has been rampant since the start of school.

Preventative Action Needed to Stop Fights


In the first months of this year at Berkeley High School, the issue of violence and fights has been imminent. Although there are security staff at BHS, a large number of fights have already occurred this year, and they will only continue to occur.

BHS has few structures — such as ramps — that assist differently-abled individuals.

Is Berkeley High Accessible to Differently-Abled Students?


Accessibility for differently-abled students at Berkeley High School has long persisted as a problem. The Special Education Department is a team of teachers dedicated to aiding these students.  Angela Bau, a vision-impairment specialist, said, “Berkeley Unified is known for full inclusion and having all classes accessible to all students.” She also explained that

Local Program TeensVolunteer.org Expands


As a freshman, Emi Rohn, a Berkeley High School graduate, saw an issue with the way teenagers, who are often eager to help, could connect with volunteer organizations.