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A student is at a desk, with Chat GPT open.

Should AI be allowed as an educational tool?


PRO There’s no denying that the Artificial Intelligence revolution is here, but it looks nothing like the warped realities from The Matrix or Terminator.

Girl with green beams surrounding her.

Internalized colorism: Leaving deep marks in Asian communities


Colorism in Asian communities dates back to 710 A.D. when it was used to separate the elite from the working class. Over the centuries it has allowed for the preferential treatment of light skinned individuals in relation to their darker skinned counterparts.

A venn diagram with two silhouettes and the jacket logo in the middle.

Interpersonal segregation limits student exposure to diversity


The term “interpersonal segregation” refers to the idea of individuals socializing with people to whom they have similar backgrounds. This can be on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, etc.

A scale with different proffesions on either side.

Glorification of select career paths limits student happiness


Picture a lawyer passionately defending a client who was falsely accused of a crime, a firefighter bravely battling the flames of a California wildfire, or a calm, cool, and collected doctor saving a patient’s life.  There’s no doubt that each of these professions are deeply necessary and valuable to society, but it’s important to note

BHS SHIFT program displays the necessity of sex education


Every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. Part of what contributes to this problem is a lack of sex education. Currently, under the U.S. Federal Law, there are no set standards for sexual health education.

Aryn Faur assists students in the MLP.

MLP must exist in schools across the U.S.


When navigating the treacherous river of high school, there are a lot of things to think about: social cliques, grades, extracurriculars, college applications, and so much more.

A ballot box

Berkeley and California vote on 2022 midterm propositions


PROP L, M, N As for local legislation, measures M, and N passed, with 64 percent, and 76 percent of the vote respectively. Measure L, which required a 66 percent majority, failed with only 59 percent of the vote.

Consent education club.

Consent Education Club publishes videos in tri-weekly bulletin


In the last week of October, Berkeley High School students watched three videos on consent education in the video bulletin at BHS. Behind these videos is the Consent Education Club.

UC top nine percent letters cause division 


Sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat, and a terrible dark haze that doesn’t let any rational thoughts through. Everyone’s been there, feeling scared of the future.

Teaching global viewpoints at BHS will benefit all students


If you asked the majority of Americans what the Revolutionary War was, they would probably be able to tell you that it was the United States’ fight for independence against the British.

A backpack, with papers flying out, next to a stack of books, shoes, and a soccer ball

Informed citizenship begins with keeping up with the news


​​It often feels like so much is going on in the world that it is nearly impossible to keep up with all the “breaking news”. But is staying up to date really worth the trouble?

Jade Terry-Jones and Nataly Garcia practice hitting.

BHS Softball Suffers Defeat vs. O’Dowd


Berkeley High School’s girls varsity softball team took on Bishop O’Dowd High School on the evening of May 12. The match concluded with O’Dowd winning 3-0 against BHS, who put up a good defense, but didn’t counterattack offensively.

Athlete Profile: Luca McKerley Coronado


Luca McKerley Coronado is a senior in Berkeley International High School on the boys varsity baseball team. McKerley Coronado started playing baseball at four, inspired by his father and grandfather.

Athlete Profile: Jackie Dai


Jackie Dai is a senior in Berkeley International High School and captain of the boys badminton team. He discovered his passion for the sport after taking a badminton class at Berkeley High School his freshman year and found he was “naturally kind of gifted [at badminton].” Dai improved on techniques such as grip,

Black and white jerseys clash along the harsh dividing line of the BHS-O’Dowd rivalry on January 21 at BHS.

Dragons For Dinner: BHS vs. O’Dowd


Berkeley High School’s boys varsity soccer team took on Bishop O’Dowd High School on January 21, to cheers of ‘Go Jackets!’  The game kicked off with O’Dowd on the offense, making a shot at the goal, and Berkeley’s goalkeeper, Patrick Devaney, lunging to make the first save of the game.

As part of the stricter ID policy, a student displays their school ID to enter through the front office.

Students Required to Carry School IDs at All Times for Safety


Students at Berkeley High School are required to carry their school ID card on them at all times as of January 3, 2022. Dean of Students Claudia González sent an email to all BHS students, informing them of the new ID requirements on December 14, 2021.

School Board Discusses Potential $6.6 million in Budget Cuts


On November 17, the Berkeley Unified School District School Board discussed potential budget cuts for the 2022-23 school year. Things have begun to return to normal for BUSD schools.

Some BHS custodians feel overwhelmed amidst a staffing shortage and an uptick in student vandalism.

BHS Custodians Afflicted by Staff Shortages During Pandemic


With hygiene and disinfecting more important than ever, Berkeley High School, like much of the state, is facing a custodial staff shortage. According to Jeffrey Snow, facilities and operations manager at BHS, there are currently 15 night custodians and one day custodian at BHS.