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‘Roe v. Wade’ Supreme Court Draft: BHS Students Respond


“It kind of felt like a slap in the face,” said Sam Matsumoto, a film photography teacher at Berkeley High School as she shared her opinion on the pending overturning of Roe v.

‘Power, Prestige, Privilege:’ Pillars of BBQ Club at BHS


    “[The Barbecue Club wanted] power, prestige, privilege. They wanted all the benefits of being part of the club and none of the responsibility or accountability of being tied to one of the most visible aspects of rape culture on campus,” said Angela Coppola, a Berkeley High School social studies teacher in Academic Choice

In Conversation: Athlete and Her Mentor


G’azelle Dewitt-Henderson, a Berkeley High School junior in Arts and Humanities Academy, is a member of the cheer team. Dewitt-Henderson sat down with Tiffany Sutherland, the BHS cheer coach and Dewitt-Henderson’s female role model in sports, for a conversation about mentorship and growth.

Freshmen Athletes Experience Their First BHS Season


As Berkeley High School enters its final season of sports and says goodbye to some of its beloved athletes, BHS also welcomes a new generation of Yellowjackets to the field.

Olympics Occur at the Expense of Environmental Sustainability 


The grandeur of the Olympic Games awes the world every two years. However, achieving the environment the Games are known for makes a huge negative environmental impact.

Is It Ethical to Shop From Fast Fashion Stores?


Pro By Mauricio Sierra Over the past few decades, the clothing industry has made itself an invaluable aspect of today’s economy. In particular, the fast fashion sector has boomed alongside a growing population.

​​The Solution to Cheating Lies in a Change in Student Culture


In an age where a simple click of a button brings vast amounts of information to your fingertips, rampant cheating has become almost inevitable. The real test of our education system, however, will be how schools and students join together to maintain honesty in school environments, with the added challenge of technology.  You could say

Facebook Must Stop Evading All Responsibility to Its Users


Lately, Facebook has received a lot of love and hate from the world. It has been a center for both communal collaborations and social unrest, especially in the past couple months.

Planned Parenthood’s ability to provide abortions is under attack in Texas by the state’s new law.

Choice Is Freedom: Community Reacts to Texas Abortion Ban


In recent weeks, the country has watched abortion related legalities debated in the Supreme Court once again. To summarize, the state of Texas passed a law called Senate Bill 8 that banned abortions after the first six weeks of pregnancy.

The bathrooms at People

For Berkeley Residents, People’s Park is More Than Just a Landmark


People’s Park has had a rich and diverse history since the 1960s. Over the years, it has seen much change, as well as a decrease in popularity. Now, with the University of California, Berkeley’s plans to build student housing atop it, we may be the generation to see the last step in the park’s

Mutual Aid Leaves a Powerful Impact on Berkeley Residents


Mutual aid has been around for a long time, even before philosopher Peter Kropotkin coined the term in the late 19th century, but it has been increasing in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Psychology of Post-Pandemic Fatigue


A survey done by the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University showed that 36 percent of respondents, and 61 percent of respondents aged 18 to 25, said that they felt lonely almost all the time during the pandemic.