Ysabel Chu




Class of 2025

Ysabel Chu is a writer, a student, and a passionate environmentalist. She writes for the Jacket and is a BHS Green Team member. In her free time, she works with BAYCS mobilizing youth to take climate action, and interns at Lindsay Wildlife Experience, a wildlife rehabilitation center and museum.

Two hands shaking each other.

Legacy admissions: rooted in inequality


Should college admissions be based on merit or circumstance? Now that the Supreme Court has ended affirmative action, a practice meant to ensure equal opportunities for all, it makes no sense to allow a true injustice in college admissions to linger: legacy admissions.

Two parents, one republican and one democrat, holding hands with their child.

A careful balance must be struck between political involvement and mental health


More teenagers than ever are engaged in politics. According to the 2021 Harvard Youth Poll, in 2016 only 24 percent of American youth considered themselves politically active.

Winners of this year's 2023 ASB election outline their goals


A main priority for Eliza McGlashan, the Senior Class President elect, is to make it easier for students to take the path they want. “For students who want to go to college, we’ll lessen the stress on that,” said McGlashan.

Blake Garden, open on weekdays, has free admissions.

Best Places: Locations around the Bay Area to go out on a date


Choosing the perfect location for a date can be a nerve-racking task, so here are some recommendations from Berkeley High School students David Goldstein, Luca Vicisano, Vaiee-Talia Tu’ua, and Emmett Price to help ease the decision.  If you both enjoy art, the San Francisco de Young Museum is a great place to go.

Q&A with BSU leaders Winta & Muskana


Q: How does Black Student Union work with other groups on campus? Cyrus: Recently, we’ve been working with the Habesha Student Union. We’re having a bake sale on February 11, at Fourth Street.

Team Berkelium works on new prototype.

BHS robotics starts post-kickoff design


On January 7, the Berkeley High School robotics team gathered at Richmond High School to watch the 2023 First Robotics Competition Kickoff. The Kickoff is an annual event that determines what the robotics team builds for the next couple of months.

The emphasis on holiday giving does good regardless of intention


The winter holidays are clearly recognized as a time of giving. For verification, please check your inbox from December in which you will likely find an influx of emails asking for donations with increasing urgency as the month went on.

Assigned seating is a necessary evil in cohesive class settings


All students would prefer to be seated next to a friend, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way. Many Berkeley High School  teachers use assigned seating.

Poll booths in California

‘We are the future’: BHS students plan to work polls, volunteer


With the midterm election approaching on November 8, many Berkeley High School students are signing up to be election poll workers in order to play a part in this year’s midterm elections.  In particular, BHS clubs have been participating in political activism.

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School board: SLP assessments and parking lot construction


  On Wednesday, September 7, The Berkeley Unified School District School Board convened, discussing compensation for teachers writing recommendation letters, speech language pathologist assessment limits, the 2021-22 Unaudited Actuals, and the Milvia Street Project.  During the public comment section of the meeting, several teachers spoke about the need to either financially compensate teachers for

A group of students lined up in the BHS cafeteria for lunch. A banner overhead displays "Chef

New Universal Meals Program: BHS free school lunch continues


As a result of California’s new “Universal Meals Program”, designed to expand on the federal National Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program, Berkeley High School, during the 2022-23 school year, will continue offering two free meals to all students every day regardless of family income.  According to the Berkeley Unified School District Director of Nutrition