Berkeley High School averages 50 fire alarm triggers each year.

50 fire alarms a year: What do the Berkeley firefighters think?

Fire alarms are a notorious part of Berkeley High School, bringing fire trucks blaring to the scene each time. According to Interim Deputy Fire Chief Keith May, BHS averages 50 fire alarm calls to the Berkeley Fire Department each year.

Seniors have a fun experience in the game of assassin, sneaking through the halls.

Students prioritize fun over feuds in yearly game of assassin

From thrilling stakeouts to well-planned time bombs, this year’s game of assassin at Berkeley High School was filled with many exciting moments, according to the game’s administrator, who chose to remain anonymous.

Trails like the Indian Trail shown above are maintained by the BPWA.

Volunteer association keeps Berkeley's trails well-maintained

The Berkeley Path Wanderers Association was founded in 1998 by Ruth Armstrong, Patricia DeVito, Jacque Ensign and Eleanor Hall Gibson, according to John Ford, BPWA’s walk coordinator.

Ms. Shorty now helps students struggling with their attendance.

‘Dance is life’: Ms. Shorty moves to new job

Since the age of 23, Ms. Shorty has been working in the African Diaspora dance program. When the previous leader, Naomi Washington, retired in 2019, Ms.

An array of artworks are shown at BAMPFA.

Best places to see art throughout the Bay

Art close to home is a valuable tool to enrich the lives of many residents.  However, it can be daunting to know where to start looking.  Exploring the multitude of art choices Berkeley offers is key to being able to enjoy them in our day to day lives.

Uji Time Dessert is located on Telegraph St. and Parker St.

Uji Time: Serving Asian fusion dessert with side of community

Uji Time Dessert, located on Telegraph and Parker, was founded in 2016 as a pop up store by three first generation immigrants from Hong Kong. Since then, it has expanded to multiple locations and has products in 27 different markets, all throughout the Bay Area.

Teachers personalize content, adapt to changing AP guidelines

As education science evolves and curricula shift, even Advanced Placement classes and their exams change. Redesigns of AP classes happen on a scale imperceptible to students, but for teachers who have to teach the same thing every year, a development in the College Board’s philosophy can shake up their classroom.

Berkeley’s array of hills and paths offer several hiking routes.

Best places: Worthwhile Berkeley hikes

Gemma Shabel, a Berkeley High School senior, has been hiking at Tilden since she was little and has always loved it. “There are so many different options for types of hikes and scenery and wherever you choose, it is inevitably going to be beautiful!

Micaela Gabaly Fernandez, Yiru Kim, and Sunshine MacCarthy gather at student panel.

BHS considers a Korean language class

Berkeley High School student Yiru Kim first became aware of a possible Korean language class in early February, when the School Director at Oakland Korean School was informing her of a need to implement Korean language classes in schools across the Bay Area.


BHS students feel the impact of declining UC acceptance rates

The 2022 acceptance rate for University of California, Los Angeles was 8.6 percent. In 2021 it was 10.8 percent, and in 2020 was 14.4 percent. This downward trend is similar for most UC acceptance rates throughout the last couple of years.

Plane going to Taiwan

Taiwan trip provides Mandarin students cultural engagement

At 1 a.m., a plane took off from San Francisco International Airport. It was a direct flight to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, and carried over 50 Mandarin students at Berkeley High School along with parent chaperones and BHS Mandarin teacher Xin Chen.

Maya Hill

Word on the Street: Have You Ever had a Crush on a Friend?

Maya Hill, a senior, said, “I had a crush on my best friend.” She told her and ended up being rejected. In response to the rejection, however, Hill said, “I think that it helped me move on, because if I hadn’t told her I would’ve kept thinking about it without doing anything.” Adrienne Melodia has

Winners of this year's 2023 ASB election outline their goals

A main priority for Eliza McGlashan, the Senior Class President elect, is to make it easier for students to take the path they want. “For students who want to go to college, we’ll lessen the stress on that,” said McGlashan.

Illustration of a robotic hand writing with a pen on paper

BHS teachers rethink instruction amid rise in ChatGPT use

The current iteration of AI chatbot Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, GPT-4, has quickly developed into something difficult to ignore in everyday life.

A sillouette of a graduate surrounded (from left) by a road sign, a plane flying around a globe, and a piggy bank.

Students broaden their horizons with gap years

“I really want to figure out who I am outside of being a student at school for the past 13 years,” said junior Gabriela Almeida-Gere. The prospect of going to college right after high school is limiting to Almeida-Gere, which is why she has decided to take a gap year after she graduates Berkeley High

Past BHS teachers run Classroom Matters

Former Berkeley teachers Lisa Miller and Tatiana Guerreiro Ramos together run Classroom Matters, a tutoring and mentoring program for K-12 graders in the Bay Area.

Hands playing trumpet with musical notes in the background.

BHS JazzGirls Day develops outreach to prospective students

“We were not being reflected in the world of jazz at Berkeley High, or anywhere in the world of jazz, frankly.” Sarah Cline, BHS Jazz teacher Jazz music swept through the A Building on Saturday, March 4.

Scissors cutting hair

Using she/they pronouns, students expand gender identity

Gender is a fundamental expression of individual identity, not just a spectrum but a plane that extends in multiple directions. With it comes societal baggage — expectations of behavior, pronouns, and other aspects of identity.