Word on the Street: Is there a mid-year slump?

“I think it’s a perceived burnout because at the same time the classes actually do get harder in the second semester, and I think that’s really the reason for the burnout,” said junior Theo Lemkin.

Team Berkelium works on new prototype.

BHS robotics starts post-kickoff design

On January 7, the Berkeley High School robotics team gathered at Richmond High School to watch the 2023 First Robotics Competition Kickoff. The Kickoff is an annual event that determines what the robotics team builds for the next couple of months.

Students without phones navigate socially

Sevan Minassian-Godner, a Berkeley High School senior, has used a flip phone for nearly a year. After going to a school retreat in February 2022, he realized how glued people had been to their phones.  “There were people at tables eating or sitting at tables who were just texting each other,” Minassian-Godner said.

Non-traditional framework courses at BHS fight to stay afloat

“I want more students to know about this class because, for whatever reason, I get very specific groups of students, mainly white male students, and I want to promote to more students of color and women,” said Digital Design and Fabrications teacher Klea Bajala.

Luke De Valpine practices in a new soundproofed practice room.

Music teachers acclimate after moving back to the A Building

Sarah Cline, leader of Berkeley High School’s jazz program, was one of many teachers who made the move from their temporary holding spaces to the newly refurbished A Building.  “It was like one of those home makeover shows, when the family’s coming in two hours and everyone is blitzing to get ready,” Cline said.  The

Cantero Sandler often makes sure to let people know that she is Mexican.

White-passing students battle unique privileges, difficulties

Berkeley High School sophomore Fae Cantero Sandler was born and raised in Mexico. But for her, a lot of people tend to jump to the conclusion that she’s fully white.

Room for Improvement group auditions aspiring drama enthusiasts

The improvisational group Room for Improvement is reforming at Berkeley High School, a tradition that helps aspiring actors explore themselves as team members.  “[Members] are not necessarily the most experienced actors, but [are] the kids comfortable enough to listen…, to fail…, [to] say ‘yes,’” said Jordan Winer, an English teacher at BHS who  has

Someone watching as F- papers float by.

Community college enrollment proves difficult to navigate

In recent years, it has been difficult for Berkeley High School students to sign up for classes at Berkeley City College due to the strenuous process of enrolling and hard to read website.

NSBE holds a club meeting featuring BHS alumni.

NSBE supports Black students in STEM

At Berkeley High School, Black students remain underrepresented in STEM environments. National Society for Black Engineers brings together African American students who are interested in a career in STEM.

Students with farmers

Working at farmers’ market, teens connect with Berkeley locals

“People get to know us because they’re here and then they become close … and we get each other,” said Steven Carroll, an employee of Dirty Girl Farm who sells at the company’s farmers market stand.

The gas app

Gas app captures short-lived attention of social media users

“See who likes you,” is the app description for Gas, a free app targeting high schoolers interested in popularity. It was released to iPhone users in August of 2022, but only during mid-November did it gain popularity at Berkeley High School.

A gift

Teens consider significance of gift-giving

For many students participating in the holiday season, the season also comes the stress of who to give gifts to and what to get them. Not everyone has a huge budget for gifts.

The Habesha Student Union

Ethiopian, Eritrean students form union

“I grew up not knowing a lot of Habesha people in my classes or in school, separate from my sister,” said Maraki Mengesha A. “A lot of times I felt really isolated whenever there’d be conversations about culture, because I’d look around, and there wouldn’t be a lot of Habesha students there too.”  Habesha is

A student picking a state

BHS seniors weigh the pros and cons of out-of-state universities

These months are crucial for seniors as they send in applications for regular decisions and receive early admission notifications. At Berkeley High School, seniors flock to the College and Career Center in the hopes of getting their essays read or receiving help submitting applications.  Many public and private school applications are due in early

Principal Raygoza prepares for a day full of meetings, with a cup of coffee in hand.

A day in the life of Juan Raygoza

Most Friday mornings, Berkeley High School principal Juan Raygoza delivers donuts. Clutching the pastry-filled box, he ambles down BHS hallways, past classrooms filled with students watching the morning announcements.

“Wakanda Forever” showings are available in Downtown Berkeley and El Cerrito.

Over 800 freshmen attend ‘Wakanda Forever’ U9 field trip

On December 1, the entirety of the U9 took a field trip to see the new Black Panther movie, “Wakanda Forever.” The trip was an exciting ordeal for both students and teachers alike, especially emerging from COVID-19 times, where field trips were nonexistent.

A graphic of various heritage months

Unsung heritage months require advocacy

Throughout the year various months are dedicated to the heritage and culture of historically marginalized peoples. November is Native American Heritage Month as well as Sikh Awareness Month.

The Bay Area sky

Bay Area residents and experts examine moody weather patterns

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Quotes like this are often brought up in conversations about the weather in the San Francisco Bay Area.