"I strike a balance": BHS students talk time management

“People procrastinate a lot, which makes us set important things to the side … If you can manage time well, you’ll be able to balance things you need to do and things you enjoy,” Berkeley High School senior Lexi Perez said.

Computer with arms that are holding medical supplies.

Social media proves a poor diagnostician

News has become much more accessible to the world through social media and technology. Social media users are bringing up information about mental health and other real world problems online.

Students perform "Conversations at Berkeley High" in "Our Monologues."

The history of Our Monologues: Shaped by the BHS community

The “Vagina Monologues” was a staple production at Berkeley High School for 19 years. Based on the 1996 play written by Eve Ensler, the student-run show aimed to capture the nuance of women’s experiences in a patriarchal world.

An illustration showcasing underrepresented individuals in the school.

Tolani Britton: Changing the education narrative for underrepresented students

From achievement gaps to racism within the criminal justice system, the topic of corrupt systems in America that seem to work against the success of underrepresented students is a widely criticized topic.

An illustration of the computer as the doctor making a diagnosis.

Social media proves a poor diagnostician

News has become much more accessible to the world through social media and technology. Social media users are bringing up information about mental health and other real world problems online.

(Left to Right): Hunter Valencia, Eloise Biddle-Gottesman, Elisandra Moulitsas, Jacob Goldman, Sophie Tsulaia, Amber Safir, Nathaniel Amish (back row), Wyatt Fortner, Gursimar Kaur, and Santi Bergman (front row) pose, after a successful debate practice.

BHS Speech and Debate works to continue increasing diversity

Laughter vibrates through the air as members of the Berkeley High School  Speech and Debate Club huddle around the front of G215, intently listening to a heated debate on whether The Joker deserves a trial or not.

Rising change-makers at BHS: “I feel the need to speak up”

Through joining clubs and various extracurricular activities, students get to explore their interests and become involved in the community as young and curious individuals.

Drag queen wearing a blue dress and orange hair

Niche drag culture within Berkeley High empowers teenagers

San Francisco is known as a haven for drag culture, and parts of the East Bay, even people at Berkeley High School, have started to get involved in drag.

Two students collaborate on a math problem.

Peer math tutoring program bonds students

In every Berkeley High School advanced math course, each student is required to tutor other students to get full credit in the class. According to Masha Albrecht, who teaches AP Calculus AB, it’s very helpful to the tutors and the tutees.

BHS students practice in an advanced music class.

Students pursue passions via music school

“Nothing else interests me. It’s probably unhealthy, but it’s true. I don’t want to do anything else, and I don’t know if I would be able to do anything else even if I tried,” said Elliott Martens, a senior at Berkeley High School.

illustration depicting the rising financial costs of college.

Early decision deadlines looming: Students weigh their options

November marks the time when students rush to submit their early action and early decision applications for college. At Berkeley High School, seniors applying to college consider a myriad of financial and personal factors as they navigate the application process.

For 64 years, the oldest U.S. Black-owned bookstore inspires

Turn the knob and the bell rings with a swing of the door — welcome to Marcus Books. The store has several shelves littered with knowledge in the form of powerful books.

Dogs run around Berkeley

Students weigh in: Best places to take your canine companion

Berkeley is home to a massive community of dog owners who cherish their companions. Whether interested in scenic parks or pet-friendly establishments, these recommendations accommodate various preferences among dog owners.

Illustration of a long line of people waiting for school lunch.

Understaffing harms BHS lunch workers

In recent years, the number of students getting lunch at school has risen. This year, the lunch line in the cafeteria regularly stretches all the way down to the middle of the dining hall for the better portion of lunch.

Dan Goldfield  is now a teacher at BHS.

Career change teachers: Why they teach

While many teachers at Berkeley High School are drawn to their profession from the start, others find their calling later in life, after pursuing different careers.

World Map with location icons in different countries.

BHS exchange students: 'A different environment'

Aiko Iguchi Aiko Iguchi, a junior at Berkeley High School, found that moving to Berkeley for her junior year of high school has given her a fresh start.

Meredith Irby checks out Chromebooks to students.

BHS librarians: A busy day in the life 

“One of the things about being a school librarian is that every day is different,” said Allyson Bogie, the newest addition to Berkeley High School’s library.

A group of Latin club students showing off books and a bust of Julius Ceasar.

Latin club prepares to attend convention

Berkeley High School Latin teacher John Piazza runs and organizes the BHS Latin club. Students have found it fosters a safe and very close community, as they are all able to bond over having one thing in common; they are all learning or are interested in the unique language, Latin.