The TSS Earnslaw, the only remaining commercial passenger-carrying coal-fired steamship in the southern hemisphere, riding along Lake Wakatipu.

A Drive Through New Zealand

This photo story is a trip through the South Island of New Zealand in an RV. The over a week long drive started at Christchurch, then to Lake Tekapo, Queenstown at lake Wakatipu, and finished the drive along the west coast of the island looping back to Christchurch.

At 12:41 PM, all 3,000 BHS students flood out of their classes to get lunch. Some make their way off campus to buy lunch, others go to the cafeteria to get free school lunch. Some wait by the student-dubbed glass doors for their friends to make their way through the mass of people to the doors so they can get lunch.

The Paths of Berkeley

There are 126 named paths in Berkeley. Paths that cover 147 block-long segments. The paths create walkways between streets for pedestrians, and they connect urban or residential areas to more remote natural locations.

Marzouk (left) has been working at K’s Cafe for 3 years now along with his close friends and family. In 2020 he hopes that “more costumers come [there] to grow the business, and [to] maybe make another K’s around the area."

Small Businesses of Downtown Berkeley

This photo story was inspired by all the independent businesses Downtown. As students at Berkeley High, we eat at many of these places every day, but know little about the people who run them.

Sneidher and Darien, 11 and 10, are cousins who get to visit their family in La Palma for one week a year. Both watched their parents separate and move far away from each other. Sneidher lives with his father a few hours from his sister and mother. Darien lives with his mother on the coast and is no longer in contact with his father. Sneidher has an impeccable sense of humor, is out-going and loving. Darien is quiet, sensitive and selfless. Both dream of visiting the United States to meet family members who have immigrated.

The Leon-Stellers

In the small town of La Palma, Costa Rica, the Leon-Stellers welcomed me as a member of the family. Rural Costa-Rican life is slow and simple. Family is the core of life, and people are most content when surrounded by loved ones.

A Risky Investment

On December 6th I attended an action organized by Youth vs Apocalypse and the Sunrise Movement. The protest took place outside BlackRock’s San Francisco offices.

Empty lot in the Manor, a desirable place to live for families who need to commute to the city but don’t want the chaos that comes with living there

A New Lens on Larchmont

When Joan Patsy Ostroy was three years old and her sister Ann was one, her family moved from Manhattan, New York to Larchmont, an upscale suburb of New York City in 1945.

Flores Mundi

Flores Mundi by Bella Nathan STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER This is a project I have been working on for a little more than a year, and something I plan on continuing.

A photo from "What We Don

What We Don't See

what we don’t see. by laila diaz If depression and anxiety were to take a physical form, what would it look like? It starts with a physical representation of putting on a face to please the world, and then takes us into the person’s head and what it is like to have two opposite forces

Jerome Paulos

Climate Strike

“You will die from old age, I will die from climate change” Jerome Paulos On September 20th, 2019, about 8,000 climate activists rallied in Downtown San Francisco to demand climate action from political leaders.

Students Strike to Demand Climate Change Action

On March 15th, thousands of students from all over the Bay Area headed to San Francisco to support the Green New Deal and demand action from leaders. Students congregated at Nancy Pelosi’s office, continued to march down Market Street and stopped at Diane Feinstein’s office building

Sugar City

Most people have never heard of the small town of Crockett, otherwise known as “Sugar City.” For most of my life, my close friend has lived there and the town has become familiar and special in my life.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes Photo Story by Jerome Paulos San Francisco USPS Network Distribution Center 2501 Rydin Road, Richmond, California “Everyone just sees that postman out on the street delivering the mail, people don’t see us on the inside doing the work.” – Ken Ken has worked at the USPS for more than 30 years.

Photo Story: North Bay Fires

These photos were taken in Potter Valley, CA after my family’s property got burned in one of the Mendocino fires. This place has been in our life for 16 years and to see it in ashes was devastating.