Mental Health

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Homework free breaks help student stress


Whether it’s Thanksgiving or winter break, many students find that a large amount of their time during school breaks is spent doing homework or studying.

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Daylight savings harms youth, must end


Twice a year, millions of Americans change their clocks in accordance with “spring forwards” and “fall backwards.” This unnecessary time switch leads to a variety of damaging consequences for youth.

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Mental health is an isolating subject”: BHS student survey on mental health diagnoses, struggles, resources


“Mental health is an isolating subject,” Berkeley High School junior Kai Lim-Moreno said. “It’s never an easy subject to talk about. There’s such a sigma about,” she explained.

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Healthy eating culture in Berkeley has damaging effects on teens


Berkeley, as a very progressive city, has long been at the forefront of new ways to eat, specifically ways to eat healthily. From all-organic to keto, vegan, gluten-free, and a whole host of others, Berkeley has seen it all when it comes to diets.

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Seasonal depression impacts students, BHS offers resources


Seasonal depression, also commonly known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a form of depression where symptoms appear during specific seasons, typically fall and winter, when days get shorter, and there is less sunlight.

Despite effort to mitigate the tension surrounding entrance to "big name" schools, including those like UC Berkeley, it

Online Learning Alleviates Competitive Nature of College Process


The pandemic has prevented many Berkeley High School traditions from taking place  for seniors. The class of 2021 has lost Red and Gold Day, blowout, Senior Sunrise, and the overall experience of being a senior at BHS.

College Readiness Majorly Impacted by COVID-19, Community Must Support Upperclassmen


In a normal year, the transition from high school to college is anything but easy. Amidst a global pandemic and distance learning, previous challenges are exacerbated, and new problems are constantly arising.

Instagram Should Remove Like and Follower Numbers to Improve Users’ Mental Health


Many Instagram users became dismayed when the number of likes on others’ posts disappeared on March 2. Instagram’s PR team rushed to Twitter to announce that this was an unintentional consequence of “testing a new experience to hide likes on Feed posts.” The numbers were restored and the world heaved a collective sigh of relief.

‘Framing Britney Spears’ Reveals How Sexism Leads to Harmful Misconceptions


Britney Spears became a world renowned pop icon not only for her iconic tracks, but also for exploring sensuality in her dance style and music on an unprecedented level.

Protesters at the Open Schools rally on February 6th

'A public education crisis;' BUSD Parents Rally to Open School


Berkeley Unified School District Parents held its third Open Schools rally on Saturday, February 6, across from Berkeley High School at MLK Jr. Civic Center Park.